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September 19th, 2016, 04:17 PM
So maybe my situation is not as bad as other people in this forum, but ı just wanted to write about it.

I've been seeking therapy for almost 3 years now without any medication. But sometimes when I'm tired or anything, all those anxieties come back to me. To give some examples; I have this very strange anxiety where I'm afraid that if I touch the back of my head (just above the medulla -part of the brain where vital functions control) I might die. I had a few panic attacks about these. My therapist and my parents try to assure me that I can't actually kill myself like that but I just keep trying that specific part.

Another thing is that I have a group of friends in my college and I'm afraid that something bad will happen between them and our friendship will be broken. I just can't understand the fact that not every fight results in the ending of a friendship.

So, just wanted to share these. It felt like a good place to talk about it. I think I have benefited a lot from therapy, but it does not go away with a touch of a wand.

Have a nice day with less anxiety!

September 19th, 2016, 10:40 PM
Hi Cricket :) in response to that first thing: rest assured that you can not kill yourself by doing that! Regarding the second thing: chill and go with the flow, occasional fights are inevitable as we are all individual people with individual opinions that sometimes clash. I've never had medication for my anxiety, but if you think it would help I'd talk to your parents and therapist about it.