View Full Version : Anxious about wearing something new

September 18th, 2016, 03:41 AM
I'm not sure if it's just me but I get major anxiety and panic attacks about wearing something new especially to school. I don't know why but I feel like everyone's going to notice and whenever I am wearing something new other people (especially my friends) stare at it a lot. I got these new shoes last week but I started to have a bit of regret over them and I haven't worn them at all to school because my anxiety ruins me and my mom's starting to get mad because I'm not wearing them and they cost money. Is anyone able to relate to this?

September 18th, 2016, 04:43 AM
Yeah I used to have so much of this when I was younger buddy :) I don't know how old you are buddy but if you are like 15+ plus I would imagine your peers are old enough to be nice :)

Alsoo who cares if people like them? Express yourself however you want to:)

Amethyst Rose
September 18th, 2016, 09:12 AM
I deal with this occasionally. Honestly I don't care what people think, if I like something I will wear it. Wear your new shoes to school and don't automatically assume that if people stare at them they don't like them. For all you know they're admiring them and are envious :D