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September 9th, 2016, 04:41 PM
Hi,I am 19 years old.I don't know if this should be considered a mental crisis but it ended up like this.So on the 23rd of April this year(2016)I managed to stop cold turkey smoking cigarillos(you know the ones that come in flavors)at least 6 of them every day for 6 months until I decided to go cold-turkey and make healthy choices.22 hours after stopping I started panicking over nothing my heart rate went up like doubled and I managed to calm-down after 2 hours of being excessively paranoid that I am going to die.For the next 18 hours I was fine until it kicked in.Then I had what I thing was the real withdrawal effects my heart rate went at least 180-200 palms per min over the thought that I don't feel well and sth wrong with me and I ended up in an endless loop for the next 6 days where I even got agoraphobic the 4th day after stopping to the point I couldn't breath and thought I was losing it in the crowd.So after 1st May anything I felt(like liquid in my heart and things that set me off)stopped almost completely but still sth remained out of that psychosynthesis I got after stopping smoking like psychosomatic symptoms popping up really bad everytime I felt discomfort somewhere(like seeing someone I didn't wanna see or getting into a not so serious fight with my best friend)but still way better than before.So during the start of August I learned how to control those symptoms and how to manage my emotions way better.

So for a good 2 weeks I didn't felt anything(I felt like I was normal,like before I stopped smoking,nothing out of the old ordinary),until the thought that I have sth like cancer started and I am really paranoid now that I might get oesophageal cancer or that I have heart problems while since I stopped cigarettes I have lost 12kg(I started exercising from June and started eating fruit and vegetables again),have also started windsurfing and loved it :P .But I happened to get drunk 4 days ago and since then I feel like pain in my back and in my throat.I have gained a tendency since then to not be able to enjoy life at it's fullest because I get overly paranoid about anything(which it has it's own magic but still it's exhausting).So do I have sth like anxiety disorder or ptsd after that or I am just a paranoid teenager who enters adulthood?

Also I am jealous sometimes that most people my age think they are invulnerable and are doing even worse things without even caring,why after that I care so much about anything?

September 10th, 2016, 09:50 AM
I don't know that all you went through has anything to do with withdrawal from smoking. Your mind may have created these things thus causing your body to react. Nicotine is a powerful substance and is as addicting as heroin. I think you should be out of the woods now. If you continue to experience these feelings and such I think you should see a doctor.

September 10th, 2016, 10:10 AM
I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. I agree with Jamie_n, if the symptoms continue you should see a doctor. Re smoking: after doing it for that long going cold turkey probably threw your body in shock. It would have been wiser to gradually decrease your intake of nicotine, like how when you're prescribed certain medications you take less and less every day. Hope you can get a grasp on everything, best of luck :)