View Full Version : Studying over summer?

August 15th, 2016, 04:58 PM
Should I be studying over summer? I'm in the final year, and am going to be thrown right into school again on 7.09.16. What should I be doing? Going over all topics? And looking ahead

August 15th, 2016, 05:00 PM
Yeah you should!! I'd use to time to catch up on topics you missed out over the year and topics you're not good on and then look 2-3 months ahead :)

Just JT
August 15th, 2016, 07:05 PM
I've always been horrible in school, I've repeated 2 grades already and just starting high school this year. This summer and last summer I had a tutor 2 days a week. It sucked. When it was nice out, I did school work, when my friends went on vacation or summer camp, I had school work.

But ya know what? School is a lot better, I've caught up, getting good grades, and I'm actually starting to like it. Last year was a lot easier, better, cause I was doing better in school, better grades, not in so much trouble and made some new friends cause I was t so much of an asshole.

So if a tutor helped that, then yeah, I would

August 15th, 2016, 08:21 PM
Do you know what topics will be coming up at school this year/exam schedules and that sorta stuff? It might be worth just doing a bit of reading up on the topics you know of and prepare yourself for whats coming this year. Maybe have a word with someone a bit older than you so you have a bit more experience to go on?

August 15th, 2016, 08:28 PM
Study the topics that you struggle in, and if there aren't any significant weak points just do a brushing-up before the year starts. That way, you aren't thrown in shock. If you have a friend(s) nearby you can study with, that would be great to motivate you and make it less tedious (after all, it's summer--who WANTS to study? xD).

August 16th, 2016, 04:44 AM
Youve got a nice bit of time in summer. So why not? Atleast work on the subjects/topics youre weak at.

Emerald Dream
August 16th, 2016, 09:07 AM
I agree that you should probably read briefly about the classes you will be taking this coming year. Brushing up on what you have learned in the past is a good idea, but sometimes doesn't prepare you if your classes aren't related as much. I wouldn't suggest reading a whole book, but maybe skim through a few of the chapters (this actually only takes a few minutes).

Canadian Dream
August 24th, 2016, 12:03 PM
I personally find if summer is for anything it's not studying. It's a vacation, you shouldn't be stressing out over school already! However if the school you go to tends to jump into new material right away instead of like a day or two of review like my school does then it might be a good idea just to go over material from last year in the classes you had trouble in.