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August 9th, 2016, 05:23 AM
I've decided to buy an electric guitar with guitar amplifier.:metal:
However, I don't have any guitar skills, so is it possible to learn how to play an electric guitar without having experience of playing classic guitar?
Thanks in advance

August 9th, 2016, 09:09 AM
I have heard of people that have done that but I can't play either:P

August 9th, 2016, 09:20 AM
You don't need classical guitar training to learn how to play. I mostly taught myself how to play on an electric guitar. To be honest you'll probably have an easier time learning on electric.

Start off by learning some basic chords and how to read tabs. Learn some easier songs first and go from there. The best way to learn on your own (IMO) is by learning songs. You'll learn different techniques and tricks from different songs/bands. You'll be surprised by how many songs you know are very easy to play, and are only 4 or 5 chords. The most important thing is to play every day. Even if it's only for 10 minutes, though I would try to play for 30 minutes at the bare minimum. I try to play for at least an hour every day, sometimes it's two or three times for 20 minutes, other days I'll play two or three times for an hour each. It depends on how much time I have but I always make sure to pick it up for a few minutes at the very least.

August 9th, 2016, 11:55 AM
I'm horrible at guitar :P There's no reason why you can't learn on electric first. Listen to great guitar players and imitate them, learn techniques and find what works for you, develop your own playing style. There's a saying my music teacher told me: listen, imitate, innovate.

Good luck! :metal:

August 9th, 2016, 02:46 PM
Yeah it's possible. You can start on either.

August 10th, 2016, 04:52 AM
Thanks for advices, gonna try to follow them as soon as I'll get the guitar
because it's hard to play a guitar without having it. just kidding.

Sailor Mars
August 10th, 2016, 05:00 AM
Thanks for advices, gonna try to follow them as soon as I'll get the guitar
because it's hard to play a guitar without having it. just kidding.

Which one you thinkin of getting?

August 10th, 2016, 08:11 PM
Well... You can just teach yourself guitar, basic chords and stuff, I personally learned on an electric, if you need any help buying a guitar you can always count on me :D

August 11th, 2016, 06:36 AM
theres plenty youtube tutorial, you can learn it. I also playing electric than acoustic.

August 13th, 2016, 03:46 AM
Which one you thinkin of getting?
which I have enough money for :(
my friend told me I have to buy a guitar with a humbucker, not a single coil, so I think I'll be looking for some used guitar with it.

August 13th, 2016, 03:58 AM
It's fairly easy to learn on electric. The first song i learned how to play on the guitar was Zombie by The Cranberries. Super easy song and great for learning in my opinion.