View Full Version : Called a drug addict who stutters :/

July 16th, 2016, 05:48 PM

I have 2 major problems in my life.
One is stuttering and another is tired looking eyes :(

Let me explain ...
I stuttered as a kid but cured it,eventually it got back(i finished high school so 19 now)and well i still have it.Now dont get me wrong,i m not that terrible,doctors rated my stutter 4/10.IN MOST cases i can talk fluent like any other guy but then there are some moments when i just stutter and it hurts so much i only think about that.Especially when i m talking on a phone or when i m talking out loud in a class.Like i said its nothing major but when it happens it hurts so much and i think i am unable to do anything with my life ...

The other problem are my eyes,my tired looking eyes ...
Bluntly put i look tired and well like a drug addict sometimes since i ve got big dark eye lids (if thats how its called).And well that followed me since ever.Everyone thought i was doing drugs or at least tried and i really havent.
I am a guy who hates drugs or even ciggaretes.Before i was a skinny kid but now i started training in the gym for few years and well i want to become a pro BB.
In other words how can i look tired if i drink enough water,eat healthy,train on a regular base?The only problem i think is that i do spend a lot of hrs in front the pc (min 5 hrs)(when i was a kid i was practicaly whole day in front of it),and well sometimes i sleep little.

Any help?

Just JT
July 16th, 2016, 06:06 PM
So stuttering, sounds like there's not a lot you can really do about that tbh. Maybe talk to your dr and see if there's some kinda of that'll maybe help or improve that

Your eyes? Who cares what others think of them. Give them somethin to talk about and laugh at it

As for ball, go for it, good luck, good sport....

July 16th, 2016, 07:23 PM
It sounds like you have most of your stuttering under control most of the time. I don't think there is much you can do about that. Just try not to feel so self conscious about it when it happens. We all have things that make us different. Just think of it that way.
As far as your eyes you could try cut down the amount of steady hours you look at a computer screen or phone. Try get good sleep. Is it possible this is a inherited thing? Do your parents or siblings have similar looking eyes? If it really bothers you I suppose you could always try some light makeup. Hope things work out for you.