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The Trendy Wolf
June 9th, 2016, 12:17 PM
I play a lot of Hearthstone. It's basically the only game that I play on my laptop now. I'm pretty much addicted. I've probably bought $300 worth of packs and I now have (almost) all the cards.

I started playing just after the League of Explorers release. I still kind of suck at the game, having never gotten past rank 13. I also love doing Arena now. I average about 6 wins, but I haven't been doing well recently. I know there's a lot of RNG in this game, but given the fact that people consistently can make legend and get 8 wins on average in Arena, there is a skillful aspect to the game. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I typically play better when I'm very, abnormally relaxed, having taken my ADHD and Anxiety medications. Surely I must be thinking about what makes a certain play better than the others in the wrong way. I am capable of playing really well one day and then terribly the next, and then I hate life. I realize that this is how a lot of people experience this game, but I don't see people asking the questions that I am.

I'm also realizing that this may not be the best category for this subject, but I saw WoW (which I've never played) and figured it should be fine.