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Will Grigg's on Fire
June 4th, 2016, 07:48 PM
Quite curious to see if anyone out here has had any experiences (good or bad) with psychedelics. Interested to hear any first hand sources on how they are and how your experience went.
Personally, I have had plenty of weed and had a couple of psychedelic experiences such as out of body experiences and some mild trips.

My only serious psychedelic experience was taking around 1.2 or 1.3 grams of Golden Teacher mushrooms. I can't really explain whether I liked it or not, but it was an experience I can't explain. It was both scary, eye opening and mostly just weird, but I think I will probably try them again (maybe another strain?)

June 4th, 2016, 07:57 PM
Only real psycadelic Ive tried was morning glory seeds and they were anazing, but no visuals. Also tripped off weed and pills before, can go into detail if you want

June 5th, 2016, 12:40 AM
Umm. Actually no.

Morning glory seeds? Really?

Will Grigg's on Fire
June 5th, 2016, 04:34 AM
Quite curious about morning glory seeds actually... Didn't know they could be potent?

June 13th, 2016, 07:14 PM
Nearly tried LSD...Nearly... Long story why I didn't but I'm raging I couldn't have

June 22nd, 2016, 02:08 PM
Morning glory seeds f you up lol. 200 of them in some powder produced whats kind of comparable to being chopped on some loud, but colors were more vivid, and I didnt feel slow like I do on bud.

If any od you ever do it just remember that youll be fine second time I took them I smoked a bowl too and was freaking out for 12 hours

June 22nd, 2016, 05:46 PM
I've done LSD 3 times. The first time I felt like I learned a ton and had a great time. The second time I convinced myself that I had died in a thought loop that lasted 3-4 hours. Third trip, I saw something that reminded me of the second trip and convinced myself that I died again.
It's some really awesome stuff. It will change your perception of the universe. However, you might convince yourself that you died.

June 23rd, 2016, 08:08 AM
I've smoked weed quite a lot but never really had any revelations
If NOS canisters count I've mixed balloons with weed and alcohol and had the biggest trips of my life, I did like 30 in one night once in doubles and by the end of the night I would like see blackness and everything would be upside down and then everything would turn around again when I came back to reality, and another time I had like kaleidoscope effects, especially weird was when my face was the kaleidoscope effects. NOS is pretty awesome imo but I don't recommend as it's addictive in the short term

July 2nd, 2016, 02:34 PM
I tried weed and I really am not into drugs. I do like my alcohol however.

July 26th, 2016, 01:46 AM
Yeah I did LSD 3 or 4 times about 8 months ago. It really messes with you, haha. But I did the LSD in my bedroom alone whilst my parents were home, advice NEVER do it when ur parents are home and don't do it alone it's boring. The first time I tripped I convinced myself I was vibrating and making loud noises that my parents could hear, and I thought I heard them yelling at me. The next day I realized that nothing happened I wasn't really vibrating. Also, before I thought I was vibrating MY MOM LEGIT WALKED INTO MY ROOM whilst I was tripping. I was playing a greenday album on my iphone and she comes right in my locked room. I just laid there and pretended to be tired, not letting her see my pupils. She left, but I emotionally connected to her at that moment and it felt nice. I remember watching GMM while tripping and man... Rhett and Link's face would stretch for miles it was pretty funny. I remember being able to imagine things in great detail. I could feel music and it felt good. But every time I did LSD I had some really nice parts, but also some bad parts because of paranoia. The day after tripping on LSD is bad, you're tired and feel kinda weird. LSD can take a while to recover from from what I know.

Also, I tried shrooms a couple weeks ago. I did like 3 grams. The day after doing shrooms I felt great. I've also vaporized some DMT like 4 times a month ago. DMT is crazy and really quick. It's hard to smoke because you're supposed to take 3 hits and you start trippin after like 10 seconds on the first hit. I'll tell you about my DMT experiences. I always get really anxious and excited before I smoke it. After vaporizing it I suck in the strong vapors, and hold it in. It has a numbing effect on my lungs, and you should hold it for like 15 seconds. After like 10 seconds I feel kinda light headed and that quickly turns into a vibration type feeling. I start losing it pretty quickly, and it hard to take the 2nd and 3rd hit. After I do though, I put the pipe down. Then I feel like i'm vibrating and amazing patterns show up everywhere. I can't even describe it because I don't really remember it all that well. I remember seeing and feeling patterns mostly. I remember feeling like I had something in my hand but I did not actually. I totally forget who I am and what I am. But I've never broken-through, or left my body before. Some people claim to meet aliens or whatever. I've never met an entity before, but It kinda felt like I felt one. It felt like there was something there, but it wasn't an entity. It felt like it could be living but it wasn't alive. It felt like something. Idk it didn't feel like it was alive, but it felt like it was something. I did DMT alone everytime except my most recent time. This time I did it while I was with a friend. I remember seeing patterns on his face. But after the whole pattern seeing part of the DMT trip was over, I started singing along to 21 Guns that was playing on my computer. I sang it word for word with exact pitch I think. I remember that I was able to reach every tone the human voice could reach and more. I could make the most intricate noises from my mouth and repeat them indefinetly. It was pretty cool. I was like a musical prodigy for the moment being. But I did not actually record myself, so honestly I could have sucked at singing but I have a good feeling what I was hearing was accurate. It was pretty crazy. Dmt trips last less than 15 minutes usually, but your time perception is distorted anyway. The after effects are usually 30 minutes. After an hour you're completely back to normal. However, I always am left feeling in a really nice mood after a DMT trip, I feel calm. Usually for the rest of the day I will every once in a while think I see something out of the corner of my eye that isn't there, but that goes away after a nice sleep. I have had some bad times on LSD and Shrooms, but I have never had a bad experience with DMT.

One more thing about LSD. On LSD, you typically have ego death or loss of ones self identity. This basically means you forget who you are for a duration of time. Ego death is incredible. During ego death I realized that I could be anyone I wanted to be. I realized I did not need to be who I was. I realized I could change. I realized that everything about ourselves is a choice, deep down. I even realized that addiction is actually a choice at the deepest level. During ego death I had no cravings or desires for things that are harmful. I had full self-control completely. It is an amazing feeling. But at this stage, I desired an ego. I just wanted to be somebody, even if it wasn't "myself". During this experience you can forget who you are and become somebody else in your mind. It's a complete personalty change. This is why psychadelics have been known to cure addictions and stuff.

LSD is a journey of the ego. On LSD you can choose who you want to be, you choose what is good about you and what is bad. You choose every trait, even addiction. You go through a bunch of different egos, and choose who you are. Even today, I feel like I cannot mostly control who I am, but on LSD you can take on any personality. Besides this theres also a ton of patterns and distorsions. On LSD I never saw anything that was not really there, I would just see what was there in a different way, you could say, "I saw it through someone else's eyes". And that's exactly what I did, I was able to change what I saw based on my current personality/manner or perception of choice. Like how a banana looks huge to a mouse, but small to a human.

So Deep Though :lol: :lol: :lol:

July 27th, 2016, 05:29 PM
I've dropped acid a couple times. It's my favorite. I did it with a couple siblings. It's kind of difficult to explain how it feels. For me, it was like coming home after a long trip. But it also had a very strange vibe, like a very distant memory.

July 28th, 2016, 02:01 PM
Last time I was here I asked whether I should try LSD or not. Since then I've tried it twice and should be doing it again this weekend. The first time I made the made the mistake of taking 300ug. That night ended with me telling my parents I was dead and having a funny conversation with my mum about how silly I am (thank god my mum isn't strict.). The wasn't the best experience but I wasn't put off.

Second time was possibly the best night of my life as of yet. I took 125ug that time and everyone involved had a great time. It was chill and although I didn't have any 'spiritual moments' it was a fun time.

I've been put off trying again recently as I haven't found a good time but my parents go on holiday tomorrow and I'm stocked up so it should be a fun week