View Full Version : Need advice-withdrawal

May 28th, 2016, 02:36 PM
Well let's get started.Everything started when I tried weed,as you many of you know weed get's mixed with smoke so I got addicted to smoking(tobacco not weed,weed didn't get me hooked even if I tried) in November by starting to consume like 1,5 pack of cigarettes per day till 23th of April when I decided to stop my nicotine addiction.The first day went well 23th April at night I had my last cigarette.Also I should note that since I remember myself I was a really anxious kid and psychotic-like sometimes.So 24th April at night I got my first panic-anxiety attack while having intense cravings and feeling like a nicotine junkie,so I went and asked a stranger to give me a cigarette and when I smoked I felt so much better like I was saved.But still I wanted to go cold-turkey no backing off.So I didn't managed to sleep that night and had a flight back to my homecity(I am 1st year university student in an island of Greece).So while I was at the airport I succumbed again and did another 2 cigarettes or I would get these anxiety-panic attacks(I was feeling like I am goind to die if I didn't smoke and my heart racing like hell not being able to breath and everything that brought me stress was like magnified x50).So till 27th April I did 2 cigaretted per day.So the next 3 days where the most hellish-days I have ever lived and believe me it was like I couldn't enjoy anything.I had this weight in my heart,this shortness of breath and every-once in a while I was feeling like I am gonna die cause my heart rate was reaching 220 per minute sometimes by even the smallest things(like someone shouting my name,or speaking with my mother who get's me anxious all the time).So at 31st of April that withdrawal syptoms subsided and I was fine till 4 days ago when I started getting the same shit in my head(because in addiction everything is in your head)but not like before it's like 15-20% of the whole withdrawal symptoms package but still it's quite annoying and I get paranoid these last days.Also I haven't put nicotine in my system after 27th April(once an addict always an addict)and I am not going to do that either.

Is ther any chance that the withdrawal symptoms are coming back in the form of a mental illness,like an anxiety disorder...I am like shit in my psychology and I think I am gonna get a heart-attack any minute now.It's like self-induced paranoia,I am 18 years old never had a heart problem or any physical problem,though I have done excessive alcohol use in the past(not abuse but still drinking 1lt of wine every night straight for 2 months isn't too little).Also my body survived a border-line overdose of weed laced with heroine(too long ago)and was just fine the other morning(didn't know it had sth else inside,but still enjoyed the high,didn't feel my feet).So how do I get rid of these thoughts has anyone had sth similar happen to them?

May 28th, 2016, 06:48 PM
I don't have any experience with that but I don't think withdrawal produces any distorders that weren't there before. But everything I know about withdrawal is it's extremely difficult.