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May 20th, 2016, 04:52 PM
This is a thread ro share your addiction, and how you got over it/how you are trying to. If you have any stories or tips please feel free to share.

Personally the only two things ive ever been hooked on was meth(about 3 1/2 months) and weed(like 2 months). For me the cause of my addiction to weed was just that i was feeling empty and used it as an excuse, a buffer, and an escape from reality where instead of having to deal with my problems i could jist get chopped and be in my head all day. Eventually i started realizing what i was trying to hide emotionally, and opened up to my family, and after saying those things i just dont wanna smoke any more.

And for my addiction with meth, it started off just being a one time thing, never done it before, had a bad comedown the first two times(smoked more than i probably should have), and i started doing it like once every few days for a few weeks, trying to kind of explore limits and find things that this high is useful for(like a medicine), but eventually i started making excuses to smoke, and when i told myself i wanted to stop, i could do it the first couple weeks but after a while of doing it every day it got harder and harder, and id say ill never do it again to myself just to get depressed and smoke it 5 minutes later. To me I feel like this addiction got out of control because I mostly did it by myself, and got it for cheap so there was no one or nothing to really hold me back, and before trying meth I was antisocial and self concious, and didnt like paying attention in school and i didnt have a lot of hapiness or energy, so to me this was great, and without it id get tense, nervous, and depressed. For me what got me over it was morni g glory seeds. I wanted to try them because i heard they were legal and they were cheap to order online, and ive also heard stories about psycadelic drugs bringing people out of addiction. I ground up 200 seeds and ate them, and was at home with my family(didnt expect a lot at 200 because some people on the internet say that thousanda dont even do anything for them, but this to me was a really good amount, but anyway i was home and stuff doing it when i was chilling because i didnt expect much). For me even being a mild trip(never done any psycadelics before but ive smoked weed a lot), it helped me out a lot, gave me an introspective on why i was doing this and what wad i trying to cover up, and I was also developing techniques to get over my problems and insecurities while sober, and how to live happy, and realized that all my insecurities where big things to me, but they werent even that noticable, and most were non existant, and i just felt really happy and proud of myself the entire time. Anyway after i did the morning glory seeds i went from smoking a few times a day and feeling like i needed it to function to going cold turkey. Havent done it in 2 months, and havent had cravings since.

Just realized there was another thread about this, my bad

Emerald Dream
May 23rd, 2016, 11:37 PM
There is indeed a similar thread, right here (http://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2023747). :locked: