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May 6th, 2016, 01:04 AM
alright so my Lumia 635 has been acting up badly as of late - randomly rebooting, apps crashing, suddenly reduced battery life, etc. honestly for fifty bucks and some change I'm surprised it's lasted this long. after multiple resets and software reloads did nothing, I once again found myself in the market for a new phone.

ideally I would get an iPhone but their ridiculous price tag was an instant dequalification. I've had bad luck with a lot of Android phones but at the same time didn't feel like sticking with Windows Phone due to the lack of apps and "meh" hardware lineup. I eyeballed the Nexus 5X from last year but I refuse to pay more than 200 golds for any phone and the spec differences weren't good enough to make it worth the extra money (basically just a better camera and slightly faster hardware) so I settled on the Nexus 5.


1920*1080 screen
very good camera
decent-ish battery life
Android 6.x Marshmallow seems decently improved
GLONASS support so I can pray to Putin while facing toward the Kremlin


No SD card slot. my old Lumia's SD card is getting put in an adapter to use as a USB flash drive instead.
non-removable battery

so far I'm happy with it, although kinda irritated about the lack of expandable storage. also picked up a hard-rubber bumper case and Mr Shield glass screen protector (yes it's actually a slab of glass). I usually fuck up putting these things on but this time it went on perfectly on the first try :D

will update this thread as needed. also who else NEXUS CRU here?

May 6th, 2016, 05:35 AM
Surprising. I've always heard the Nexus 5 has a mediocre camera at best.

May 9th, 2016, 06:44 AM
afaik glonass is usually around 5 meters wrong so note this while facing toward Kremlin :D