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May 1st, 2016, 03:01 PM
Hello there!

About me: I'm 18 yeards old and obese. I'm not really going to tell you exacly how fat i am, but it's really serious, atleast it is becoming serious. It hit me today really hard, i was informed that when i was sleeping my breathing wasn't that good, and that i was breathing really bad. Bad as in not normal.

Ooh, i don't eat candy nor drink anything bad. I just don't move alot since all i do is from home...

What i need help with: I need help with a diet, now i've read loads and loads of them on the forums, on other forums etc. But i'm not going to follow one day for day. What i'm going to do is eat low/non carb food, etc. And create my own diet, all healthy ofcourse.

I need tips from you what types of food are good. Now i know alot that are good, but the more the merrier.

And also, i need some helps with things that i can do to speed up the process. I don't feel comfortable yet to start going to the gym, and i know everyone that is there is super nice and no one judges. But i still don't feel to o good about that. What i'm going to do is start walking 1-2 hours everyday, and eventualy power walk 1-2 hours. And at the same time, i'm going to build more muscles, all at home and outside in nature.

so the main thing i really need from you guys is, tips on everything you've got on this topic, and if you have any previous experiences that would be great too!

Thx for reading

May 1st, 2016, 04:11 PM
Honestly, I am have no idea how to suggest a diet for you because I am an Asian and we eat very different from other culture. However I believe these things are universal among cultures to build a good diet:
- Stay away from crab and especially fast food in any kind.
- Reduce eating greasy food or food contain a lot of fat as much as possible.
- Stop drinking soda as you know they contain a lot of sugar. Stick with water and 2% fat milk.
- Green is a must in your diet.
These are some opinions that I think you need to do to have a healthy life style:
- Only eat 3 main meals, maybe 4 but no more than that.
- When you eat, don't make yourself stuffed, leave some space in your stomach. You may feel uncomfortable but remember, you don't have to be very full to make the body function properly. Keep doing it until you used to the feeling.
- You have to fight the feeling craving for food (if you have it).
- Minimize eating snacks as much as possible. Snack generally contain a lot of calories.
- IMPORTANT: In order to have a healthy life style, you have to exercise. When exercise, push yourself extra, if you only exercise in your limit, it still very hard to lose weight. Also, the gym you said they are not judgmental, so why hesitate to go?
- You have to stick with the diet and plan that you make, don't just do it for few days then give up.
One more tip that I found very useful in my life: read my signature.
Last, I wish you the best :D.

May 2nd, 2016, 06:28 PM
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Since this is about losing weight and dieting, this suits better in the fitness section.

May 2nd, 2016, 07:28 PM
I would recommend going to see a nutritionist. they can give you the ins and outs of which foods are best for your situation...which foods will help boost metabolism and help burn fat/calories...things like that.

May 3rd, 2016, 12:58 PM
split the 3 meals through the day , cut on carbs.. i don't know how fast is your metabolism, but i guess it's very slow. You must track calories - lower them each week, and just see. For example if you ate 2700 calories and weight stayed the same drop 100 and again wait a week and check if you have lost some weight. And you should have some problems with insulin. But never drop on food NEVER. if you have cravings for starving don't even think about that , you will just gain additional weight + the weight you've lost (after you stop starving). Just cut slowly on carbs and do some cardio - something light. Or just go to some professionals to create you a diet ,because you need one and u must follow that, you can't ingest more than the daily cals, also u must resists the temptation. Anyway, sport can make this thing 2x faster - to lose weight. GL