View Full Version : #PcMasterRace?

April 19th, 2016, 05:05 PM
Console or Pc and why? Well, which do you prefer? I honestly prefer pc because there's pretty much a larger library of games. (Mainly indie)
I'm not saying PC is better than console though, PC is just better for my needs.

April 19th, 2016, 05:42 PM
It just depends on what you want. PCs are better at pretty much everything simply because they're(most of them) designed to be able to fit the user's needs. You can customize a PC any way you like.

Consoles have their upsides though. Games usually always run well on consoles because the games are typically optimized to fit the console's hardware. The NVIDIA Shield actually provides a more affordable way to experience 1080p 60fps through the Gforce now service, so you only have to pay the original 250 dollars for the console plus a measely 7 dollars or so a month to get access to great games. I sound like an NVIDIA sales associate.

I think it's a cool concept though and it makes the console seem more appealing.

April 19th, 2016, 06:27 PM

Though for gaming, PC. You can upgrade them, and the library is way bigger.

April 19th, 2016, 06:48 PM
I prefer Gaming Systems. I feel a gaming controller is way more simpler to use than a keyboard.

April 19th, 2016, 10:16 PM
I like them both. If I had to pick, I'd probably say console. I like the feel of a controller and I like more games on consoles than I do on PC.

Let Me Be a Pony
April 20th, 2016, 12:03 AM
Fuck PC's and consoles.
Apple Watch is where the gaming industry is heading to.

Emerald Dream
April 20th, 2016, 03:51 AM
I like them both, but at this point I would probably prefer PC - only because there's more of a selection of games, and as a matter of convenience. I spend a lot of time on my computer anyways doing other things (chatting, VT, browsing, music).

April 20th, 2016, 06:43 AM
Fuck PC's and consoles.
Apple Watch is where the gaming industry is heading to.


April 20th, 2016, 06:03 PM
fuck pc's and consoles.
Apple watch is where the gaming industry is heading to.
my point exactly

April 23rd, 2016, 07:17 PM
I like to play on console if my friends and I are together and we can't go out. But otherwise I like PC.

April 24th, 2016, 03:28 PM
As a PC gamer I have to say I'm part of the master race, however.

Play on whatever the fuck you want, and play whatever the fuck you want. Wether you play games on your phone, your Ps, your Xbox, your Wii or even Gameboy, we should all enjoy games, no matter what they are playing on, gamers will be gamers!

Jk lol fucking peasants.