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April 12th, 2016, 07:41 PM
(This is true by the way and I was not sexually attracted to this person whatsoever) I was walking with my "friend" back from a store. We got back to school and one of her other (mean) friends was there. I wanted to chat for a little while since I had been having a rough Monday. And she said, "Go away I want to talk to my friend." Now this I kind of understood. She had known that friend longer than me. The confusing part was that she didn't say "other" friend. So I said, "Okay, but you confused me with not acknowledging me as a friend" Then she said "We AREN'T friends, you're just a random person I chill with." And that really hurt my feelings, so I said "That really hurt my feelings" and she said "I don't f***ing care, [email protected]$$." She knew I was sensitive about my weight and that was like a sword jabbing into my emotions. I'm really sad and it happened yesterday. I avoided her today. But I have no other friends. What can I do?

Sincerely, DarkOrigins

April 13th, 2016, 01:21 AM
Well she isn't your friend,also if you're very emotional about your weight you can easily drop it - exercise ,split the same meal in a few parts that you would eat it in that day (one part each time). Anyway she's a very stupid person , try to find new friends