View Full Version : (500) Days of Summer

March 28th, 2016, 12:24 AM
I JUST finished this gem of a film (like the credits are literally rolling).
Has anyone seen it?
Does anybody love it?
(500) Days of Summer is one of the absolute best movies I've ever seen. It was also very personal for me as I went through something very similar myself. I had a conversation with my ex-girlfriend that was nearly word-for-word what Summer tells Tom on the park bench. I just haven't met my Autumn yet...

Very well acted, fresh, and different, I was just blown away by (500) Days of Summer. Stuff like this actually happens, and it was genuinely good to sit back and laugh at myself this evening.

Does anybody like either (500) Days of Summer, or similar films?
What are those similar films?

I give (500) Days of Summer a 9/10.
It was absolutely worth it.
(Who else loved seeing Matthew Grey Gubler in a role that WASN'T Spencer Reid??)
Good stuff.