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West Coast Sheriff
March 21st, 2016, 11:06 PM
So I have this idea for a television show. It's kind of all over the place because their are about 4 different plots that occur with.
It follows a homicidal maniac, his brother and sister, and separate crime plot- arm trafficking and drug trafficking.
I just began tonight so don't be too judgmental and enjoy:

The plot begins with Gilbert Stanford following Rudy Sanchez who is following his brother Eddie. The stalking ends as the story rewinds six months earlier. Homicide detectives attempt to solve the murder of fellow detective Eddie Stanford's wife. His lieutenant, who many suspect a dirty cop, asks that Eddie remains on the sidelines of the case. Detectives Rudy Sanchez and Mikey Thomas believe Eddie killed her but, none of the other detectives believe this. Thomas, believing Eddie is suspicious, starts following his fellow detective. The detectives continue to surveil Eddie for the next six months. Gilbert who visits his brother notices the detectives outside his house on several occurrences. One night, Eddie packs his tool bag. Rudy follows Eddie to see where he is going. Gilbert, also present, follows Rudy. At this point, the setting leads back to where the story started. Eddie arrives at a storage unit. A security system allows Eddie to enter by himself which locks the gate after his entrance. Rudy waits outside for Mikey to join him. Gilbert watches Rudy from afar. When Mikey arrives, the two enter the facility by foot. Gilbert follows them. Mikey and Rudy slowly approach the storage unit. They witness Eddie applying makeup to a dead woman in a chair. Mikey raises his gun and forces Eddie to step away from the girl. Rudy keeps his gun high and pointed at Eddie. Gilbert enters. He's flabbergasted at the sight. He shoots Rudy and Mikey each in the head. Both Gilbert and Eddie drag the bodies away from the locker, Eddie assures Gilbert that the storage locker is not in his name and paid through an untraceable bank account. Nothing in the locker could link back to them. With that, the two leave before the police arrive.

Gilbert has many questions for his brother. He threatens that Eddie needs to tell him everything or he will turn him in. Eddie inform Gilbert that this girl was a woman he met in a bar. He snapped having lost his wife. Gilbert now believes that Eddie may have been involved with his wife's death. Gilbert tells Lacey, their sister, that Eddie has 'taken a turn for the worst' regarding his mental health. Eddie packs his bags and heads to Lacey's house. If he refuses, Gilbert will turn him in. Eddie's lieutenant informs the detective that he will always have a home at the police department.

He mentions that, "whatever those guys did to get themselves killed, they deserved it. I was ready to off them anyways."

He gives $25,000 to Eddie to help him and mentions that someone will fill in for him. Gilbert drives Eddie to Lacey's estate, off the coast of Washington. She works as a waitress in town. Eddie gets a job as a sheriffs deputy in a neighboring county to the north. The sheriff is a friend of Eddie's old lieutenant. Deputy Carter DeRosa, an ex-DEA agent, aims to show Eddie the ropes of Sterling County. Lacey enters her home between shifts and after work. Each time she enters her house, she is unaware if ahem brother is present or away. Although she hasn't yet unearthed her brothers secret, he carries a haunting secret.
Gilbert struggles with the murders of the two detectives. He begins drinking alcohol excessively in order to cope with his guilty conscience.

The lieutenant orders his sergeant, Chambers, to clean up the lives of Sanchez and Thomas. Thomas was involved in sex trafficking while Sanchez took bribes from a gang in his neighborhood. A deep scrutinization of their lives, could put Chambers, Stanford and the lieutenant at risk. None of the other detectives are dirty.
Eddie and Carter begin their first job. Ted, a trucker, drives the two north in his eighteen wheeler to a harbor to meet with their gun supplier, Yuhn Sung Kim, and his men. The sheriff already transferred money to Kim through offshore bank accounts. In broad daylight, Ted directs Kim's men as they load boxes in the trailer of his truck while Kim, Eddie and Carter watch.

"I don't know what kind of stuff you were doing for that lieutenant of yours in the city but buy coming here, you just got a big promotion."
At his sisters house and his new home, Lacey continues to feel unease around her brother. She senses he's a monster.

That's all I have so far. It's just a summary of my ideas, I will expand on each scene hopefully.

May 1st, 2016, 11:41 AM
Might I suggest Eddie killing his brother, just, come up with something the reader wouldn't expect. A very... how do I say this... childish reason, dating back to their childhood