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Sailor Mars
March 10th, 2016, 03:41 PM
Wrote this up the other day. Originally wrote 2 verses but I liked the second a whole lot better so I'm just putting that here.


We throw dice like we throw our life away
Crown fried and dominoes from every night to day
And colored bandanas is the IDs for some folk
Telling us what they worth raising bids to broke
And I need an extra quarter for my lunch today
Cosmic brownie coppin hands also beg for change
It ain't the sky line that motivates it's the gates on aves
Rusted and chippin paint like a pictograph
We ain't raising no bars nor our heads
We stare at empty stomachs that are filled with dread
Aint a damn thing can change except a dime for home
Lemme put 2 cents in and tell you hang up the phone

When your moms sick and ain't gettin better
No one to talk to teachers nor give school letters
When your dad ain't there or he makin money off the streets
When you go to sleep at night and dream Manhattan suites
Well let me say one day that dream may come true
Don't follow wrong paths and turn right on avenues
Cuz if you make a wrong turn then you may end dead
Behind bars or on a poster with a price on your head
You'll be eating pb&j just like your grandma made
And you'll be crying in a cell counting off your days
So if you come from Bedstuy, Flatbush or Crown Heights
Or far our Queens, Flushing or Jackson Heights,
Harlem or China Town, Upper East or down
Follow your own path and make a new way around
Be it an octagon...

First verse analysis: This one actually hits pretty close to home for me. My friends and I play dice and dominos, eating crown fried chicken and gamble whatever change we have with each other. There's... A lot (to say the least) of gang members who do similar things on street corners and for some people that's their identify, that's who they are and what they do and what they will do for the rest of their lives. They gamble on broke pockets.
After school a lot I go to the corner store and get a cosmic brownie, sometimes not even having enough change for that so I'll have to ask someone for a quarter or a friend of mine.
A lot of people think of New York as a beautiful city and it is, but for many people it isn't what they think of when they think of home. They don't think of the skyline that's oh so pretty. They think of rusty and creaky gates that they open to go into their apartment (also a pun towards Gates Ave). People aren't willing to pick up their heads and set themselves a higher standard to really see the beauty around them, instead focusing on the bad things (beautiful skyline vs rusted gates) - A lot of word play and hidden meaning n shit in these few lines.

Second verse analysis: This one also hits pretty close to home if you know me and my family. Basically describes them in the first few lines.
Next few lines are basically saying don't go down a criminal life because it could really fuck you over, leaving you dead or with a warrant on your arrest etc...
Next few lines actually from my brother recalling his time in bookings (he got arrested) and he said how they gave him peanut butter and jelly, and that's always been a favorite of mine that really reminds of me innocent times and more carefree days.
Next just calling out all people from different boroughs (though I only named Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) are just saying no matter where you're from, you can always make your own path, even an octagon (hint at the instrumental)

Sailor Mars
March 11th, 2016, 09:40 PM
Added second verse :D