View Full Version : Pragmatic Misery

February 28th, 2016, 12:56 AM
I remember when I was 10,
I lost sleep in excitement for field trips,
I loved reading past my bedtime,
I had no pressures or expectations on me
Still I remain awake at night,
But because I dread each coming day,
Because I want to delay each dreary moment,
That my life has come to spawn
I remember laughing,
Free of insecurity,
Free of responsibility,
Free of all worries
I miss that,
Not stressing over my future,
Not feeling self-destructive,
Not hating my forsaken existence
But that doesn't matter,
For what is seven billion less one,
For what happens after we are all gone,
For what matters our joys and misery?

The innocence of a child is bliss,
Much like the ignorance of foolish men,
Who fail to realize and accept,
That the sum of all our lives is naught

Good thoughts
Bad thoughts
Pragmatic thoughts