View Full Version : How will the beauty trends today look in the next decade or two?

February 25th, 2016, 12:11 AM
So I looked back into some of the beauty trends (hair & makeup) from the last 2 decades (90s and 00s) which is during the time where most of us were born and early childhood at least. Here are 2 of the links that I looked at:



I had to say, I found it pretty interesting no matter how many times I cringed looking at each photo. And surprisingly, I do remember most of these trends such as the overdone highlights (hair), fake tanning, shimmery icy eyeshadow, extra glossy lips, super thin eyebrows (even TO THIS DAY my mom still plucks out her eyebrows and draws it in even when I tell her to stop doing that cuz it looks weird lol).

Then, I thought about some of the hair/makeup trends today and thought about how it would look like in the next decade or two. What are some of today's beauty trends you guys think that are going to look ridiculous to our children? I thought about this for a bit and I came up with overdone mascara (especially in black), winged eyeliner, kylie jenner lips, and ombre hair dye.