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February 22nd, 2016, 10:22 PM
Who else feels broken inside because i sometimes feel like i need to comit suicide but i know my family needs me and at time i just feel like breaking down and i really don't need pity.:(

Sublime Demonz
February 22nd, 2016, 10:54 PM
I've been there and done that so many times I've lost count. It's so easy to start feeling that way when you've struggled with it for so long. There are days that I just want to lay down and cry because it feels like all hope is lost. It's the worst.

Princess Ariel
February 23rd, 2016, 01:04 AM
A lot of people go through this at one point or another during their life. Sometimes more than once. Everything that is happening in your life right now that is negative, is temporary. Shitty things are going to happen in life, but being optimistic is all we have.

Be kind to yourself.