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February 22nd, 2016, 03:09 AM
PMCS or Post Micturition convulsion syndrome is the shivers or a shock like feeling after urinating it is also called as pee shakes, pee shivers, piss shivers, or piss quiver.
It is s a physiological (normal) phenomenon in which one feels a shiver running down the spine following urination.
PMCS is a muscular shiver. This physiological phenomenon is fairly common in about 83% of male individuals and 58% women and the reason for it is basically idiopathic (without any cause/ or with unknoen cause ). However different hypothesis have been put forward for the cause of PMCS
Hypothesis proposing etiology of PMCS:
i) Rapid Heat Loss Theory
This theory states that an uncontrollable shiver passes over the body following the rapid loss of several ounces of 98.6 degree liquid. So due to loss of body temperature quickly, our body experiences a physiologic convulsion to adapt the change in temperature. This causes the myoclonus and the shivering. This theory seems to have good face validity but as far as we can tell females do not experience PMCS, which puts a question mark in that idea.
Does not explain: Why you donít shake when vomiting or giving blood?
Why donít most women experience PMCS like men do?
ii) Mini-Orgasm Theory
This theory states that a manís penis is used for two major activities: urination and sexual activity. When a man urinates, the two functions cross briefly and he experiences a mini-orgasm that causes his body to shiver uncontrollably. Is either one of these correct, or maybe there is a third theory for the cause.
Detractors of this theory point out that while 83% of males experience pee shakes, so do 58% of females and the female urethra is not used for any sexual purpose.

Beyond Medicine: [Comedian George Carlin once theorized that pee shakes are an evolutionary throwback from when we were stupid apes and didnít know how to shake it dry ourselves.]

Any of you had PMCS??
IF YES, When? (age)
What is your gender?

March 4th, 2016, 03:18 PM
Yes, it's annoying. I always end up shaking just before I finish weeing so it goes over my trousers