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February 15th, 2016, 03:02 PM
Saw this on the 'online users' bit. (see attachment)
So what is a 'google spider'?

Edit: Oh yeah another question: how often do you look for mods? i know you've just added a few so it might not be a while.. just wondering

February 15th, 2016, 03:38 PM
No idea on the Google Spider (but I do find it amusing), but there's no real time set for when we look for new mods. It really depends on how the staff is running; if someone steps down or gets promoted, we may feel the need to fill the spot(s) or we may not. It's really unpredictable.

Harley Quinn
February 15th, 2016, 04:32 PM
Googling it said;

Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine. We use a huge set of computers to fetch (or "crawl") billions of pages on the web. The program that does the fetching is called Googlebot (also known as a robot, bot, or spider).

February 15th, 2016, 05:19 PM
Googling it said;

Thanks Harley Quinn

(was about to quote you as The Riddler but then remembered you changed your username..)

February 21st, 2016, 02:27 PM
Thank you all. You can lock this now.

February 21st, 2016, 02:36 PM
Locked per OP request. :locked2: