View Full Version : What's Bipolar II?

January 26th, 2016, 09:03 PM
So I was diagnosed with Major Depression a year ago but I'm starting to notice that I'm currently showing all the symptoms of a hypomania episode. I also had most of the symptoms of a relapse a couple weeks ago. I remember mania from being diagnosed with Bipolar I as a kid so I looked it up. The problem is, I don't portray some symptoms of manic-behavior such as substance abuse, excessive money spending, or hypersexuality. I may have had a manic episode once, but that's it really. My mom noticed this and took me to get diagnosed again. I feel I could've been misdiagnosed with Major Depression just because I was having a depressive-episode at the time. The person who diagnosed me said it was situational and would probably go away after a while. I feel that recently I've had more manic episodes. But, I think I may have had another depressive episode in late December.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone on here has been diagnosed or knows someone diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and how does it affect you/them daily? I want to get an idea of this before I go somewhere and request yet another diagnosis.

January 27th, 2016, 05:35 AM
My cousin has Bipolar Type II and I'm also in the process of being treated for it with therapy but I'm not officially diagnosed as of yet.

My depressive episodes can last months, usually up to as much as 1 year of major depression but they're usually from 2-4 months. My hypomania episodes last only several weeks but I experience a lot of mood swings throughout every single day. I'm on antidepressants at the moment and I've noticed I've been having a lot more hypomania mood swings since my depressive episodes are being combated.

I haven't had a full hypomanic episode since around October. My hypomania mainly consists of extreme irritability, absolute racing thoughts to the point where I can talk and completely forget what I was talking about and going onto a subject that is completely unrelated - this confuses a lot of people I socialise with. Also, I talk extremely fast so this doesn't help with that. I also do have some sort of hypersexuality, I seem to become a lot more promiscuous. During my depressive episodes, I am not at all interested in sex though.