View Full Version : relapse the positive side

January 22nd, 2016, 11:24 PM
recently i relapsed in many ways including my Ed and self harm when people relapse often it seems like the end of the world because they feel like they have thrown everything away but even in my recent relapse i like to look at the bright side ok so i got upset i did some stupid things i messed up but im doing better than i used to this is only i small step back when i have come leaps and bonds in my recovery instead of thinking i hurt myself how stupid id rather say this time im not suicidal this time i realize it's bad for me this time i have the skills i need to work through it and this time i know how to use them weather or not i do is up to me there will be times i fail and struggle but in the end i will still stand i hope that everyone can think this way if they relapse good luck everyone

January 25th, 2016, 04:38 AM
I'm so glad to hear this~ I understand it's much harder, especially with self harm relapses, to look at the bright side instead of the dark negative side, but you did it. You can do it. It will often seem like you've thrown everything you've built away, but even the messiest of messes leads to something good; mistakes become your strength to start rebuilding a new road. You can be the change in yourself that you want to see, it starts with that small switch in your thinking, and that could be your biggest bravery on the road to recovery. Keep working through it, you know you've been doing better and I hope that can be the reason for you to keep going. Stay strong~