View Full Version : Do you think I have ADHD inattentive?

February 10th, 2014, 12:18 AM
And how do I convince my parents because my mom doesn't think I have it because apparently I'm "organized, have good study habits, gets work done on time" you know that kind of stuff. It confused me for a while why she would think that (in reality I'm the exact opposite) but then I realized it's because I lie to them about my schoolwork all the time so that's basically all they're getting. If I told them the truth they would make me drop everything and work my butt off until I've straight As. Which, quite frankly, I don't really care about anymore. But anyway I'm in trouble here because even though my grades are pretty high (a few As, one low B, one B, and one high B) the thing is I'm very good, too good, at completing the stuff right before class or doing it during or only halfway, to please them. But hw takes me HOURS and HOURS at night it's not convenient. But that's not all I can't really pay attention in class to the level where I actually know what's going on most of the time, been like this forever, so it makes doing homework ten times worse when I don't know how to do it. I take forever on tests, too, so that's gonna be bad when I go to high school next year and don't get unlimited time. But my mom doesn't think so, I haven't even told my dad (he would think I'm just lazy), but one of my teachers thinks so. I haven't yet told the rents that he told me to get tested (or whatever) because I know that they still wouldn't listen, all because of my lies. And you can't really tell, when I'm doodling all over my homework or tests, that I'm not actually doing it because that's not what is looks like. so I have zero evidence whereas they have a ton of opposing and i"m the one who's suffering. It makes me feel sad too because they yell (well, scold LOUDLY) at me every time a grade comes home. I'm completely disorganized which doesn't help that I basically stuff everything into this one binder and teachers need their own individual notebooks where I have to keep track of stuff, so I'm failing in that category. But I never know if we even have a test or quiz, or what the homework is even if I write it in my planner. Btw, I go to a private school, I'm in that "gifted" IQ range, I'm considered very creative and artistic, I'm mixed-handed, and I'm quiet, (though incredibly loud around bffs) day dream a lot, and have been called the whole airhead absentminded professor thing a lot. I go through phases fairly quickly, and half of my sentences go unfinished just because I jump topics so much. People always called me so distracted when I was a kid, which I didn't think about especially because learning was fun and simple so it was easier to pay attention or even go a little faster than other people, now it actually requires concentration, real focus instead of the excited OH I GOT THIS RIGHT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DID focus, which comes and goes. And right now I have seven tabs on my computer open, would be ten except I had to close three of them which had sound because it's too late and my parents would know I'm still awake. and now I just realized that the reason I"m even on computer was to do hw, went on like a hour ago.:roll eyes: But anyway I feel so jumbled up and out of place at school, even though I have that capacity to understand stuff it's not like I know what's going on, I feel so stupid all the time like what the heck am I doing and why can't I just be normal like that, why can't I do this that everyone else can even though they're known as the class clown, the people who really aren't that smart. Okay, granted I tend to turn in homework a bit more consistently than some of them but I think half of them don't even care about school and I obviously do, but only because my parents make me.
So do you think I have adhd, and if I do, how on earth can I get treated for it? I'd rather not have it btw, like I think I do and for that reason want it to be that and not that I'm stupid, but rather if I could just be normal like that.
Thanks in advance, I know that was really long my fingers don't type fast enough.

February 10th, 2014, 12:28 AM
tbh my adhd keeps me from being able to read a post that big.
The only way to know for sure, and to what severity, and what treatments might be needed, is to get tested.

Its Pretty
February 10th, 2014, 12:43 AM
People with ADHD tend to not make paragraphs, and that is what's happening in this very topic.

February 10th, 2014, 12:45 AM
People with ADHD tend to not make paragraphs

I do.
But also i was kinda thinking the same thing.
But that could also be a manic bi-polar type thing as well.

February 12th, 2014, 08:02 PM
But yeah, sorry even I wouldn't read that whole thing rereading it I get halfway through before going on wanelo again. ps does anyone else like wanelo it's great for wasting time. Also but seriously though about the other stuff it helps if you read from the bottom up in makes no sense but I mean yeah I'm really wordy but it ya catch ma drift

February 18th, 2014, 08:43 AM
tbh my adhd keeps me from being able to read a post that big.
The only way to know for sure, and to what severity, and what treatments might be needed, is to get tested.

I've only been told I'm on the "spectrum" and nothing else but this applies to me too :yes:
In long paragraphs I keep getting all the lines mixed up and in the wrong order in my head