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January 5th, 2016, 08:48 AM
Hi, in my time here I've seen the opening to be a moderator for a section of this forum come up a couple of times. I wanted to know, for next time as I am interested, if it is expected that you frequently visit every single section of your sub-forum, or if it would be fine only to visit a couple frequently and the rest now and then.

For example, if I were to frequently visit The Open Book, and occasionally visit Artwork and Photography, and almost never visit Other Works, would I be eligible to be moderator for "The Art Room"?

Or, in "General Discussions", if I were to visit the White Padded Room occasionally, Introductions very rarely, the VT Chronicle never, Tech Junky's Paradise rarely, Ramblings of the wise often, and VT arcade very frequently, would I be eligible for moderator in this section of the forum?

Thanks for any answers/help that come, it's always appreciated :)

Emerald Dream
January 5th, 2016, 08:58 AM
It's not absolutely required to visit or post in all forums of a section (H&A or GD) to be hired there. It's primarily based on where it's felt that you are the most active or seem like the "best fit." Most of the time that's pretty obvious when candidates for a moderator position are being discussed or reviewed.

Granted, part of being a sectional moderator (once someone is hired) is looking through your designated sections often, but it's not required that you are active and posting in all of them beforehand. Just as long as it's the opinion that you could effectively moderate.

January 5th, 2016, 09:31 PM
Also, I'll clarify for your above post that moderation isn't necessarily by forum section, but by overall category. So you don't just moderate The Art Room or something like that, you moderate all of the forums that fall under General Discussions - so the General Discussions forums, Teen Lifestyle, The Art Room, and The 4th Wall, not just one. Same for H&A - it's not just puberty mods or psych ward mods, it's moderators moderating the whole help and advice section. You don't have to be active in every single subforum within the category of moderation you're interested in, but you have to be willing to moderate them. I know we've had H&A mods who haven't been active in the puberty forums, but who are/were great H&A mods, even in the puberty sections. Same with something like ROTW. We take a lot of different things into consideration when we make mod selections, more than just where you post, though that does play a role.