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Plane And Simple
January 4th, 2016, 07:19 PM
This Christmas has been pretty much the same as always for me. Travelling to Madrid and Spending a couple weeks here is just assumed among our family. We got here after 3 huge christmas meals, back in December 26. Worst and hardest adventure is finding a parking spot near my Grandma's, but hey, we were lucky, only took us a little more than 5 minutes, and right in front of the police station to our little rolling cage is nice and protected.

The next days went as good as usual. Seeing Christmas lights and walking through the sea of people is what we do here, and we all love it. There isn't much to see when you've seen it all, but that's no problem for us. We'll revisit the whole city if we have to, this place is very very good. Next day my dad gets a call from one of his best friends who lives in the other side of Spain, we've been trying to meet for a while and apparently it's all working out today, which is... great! We had appointed a visit to the Congress with my aunt, who works there, and so off we went, quite happy because they were all coming very soon tomorrow.

I have to say the visit was very very neat, never seen something so cultural and preserved as this building. We visited and went on to the Puerta del Sol, second (third?) time in 4 days we had been here, but no worries, it's all great here. Next day we're meeting the family in the train station, I personally was kind of expectant, which is normal for not seeing them all in eleven years. We waited at the platform and around 10 minutes later we hear our names called, here they all are, nice, holy, they've changed a lot. Is that even him? He's 45 but he's changed a lot -- I think. Kisses, hug, handshake later (to mom, dad and daughter). Wow, who's this, I don't remember you, mate, nice to see you, you must have grown a ton for me to not remeber you buddy. Hey! How are you? -- I say. He says good, nice to see you.

Wait, Am I sure I DO NOT know him? I've asked how is he. Why? I've never seen him, wow, and he's said that back. Man this is good, So glad to see them again. Daughter, you have grown as well, You look so different compared to before, just like your dad, and your mom. I'm so glad to see you all - I think. Dad, you look so different now, I wouldn't have recognized you if it wasn't for... well for no one, you're all so changed and there's a guy I didn't even remember, awesome. So glad to see you again.

We get on the train to the city center, catch up a little. Adults doing their thing and us "kids" nice and quiet. Expected, Both the young kids don't know each other, they were so little, and her, well let's all give each other a little time shall we? What? dad, you're already talking like you still live with him, it certainly doesn't look like it's been so long. Nice braids, nice hairstyle, kids. You sound the same, mother, and you also do, father. Are we actually here? Okay time to get out, that's our stop there.

It's so nice to walk around here. Kid, are you taking your coat off? Is it that ho... yes it is, yeah I'll do the same here. They seem to be starting to loosen up here, that's awesome. Nice to hear what we all have to say. Walking is great, and even better in good company. It's 3PM already, first couple hours balance? So far so good here, great. What? we have to hurry up? Mom, we have 15 minutes to get there and we're 400 meters away, but okay, let's speed up. Oh wow this place looks pretty good, and oh the smell is neat -- I point out. Oh yeah, food must be tasty -- both friend brother and sister say.

Hey, I've eaten one pizza already but can I order another one? he says. My brother looks around trying to see what ice creams look like while he, the friend, looks at me and his mom doubtedly. But I can't eat the whole thing here I think -- He looks at me and says: Mind sharing one? -- Of course not, let's do it -- I reply. I've eaten a whole pizza before and I'm not even hungry but I won't say no. I'm the one who eats a lot here and I gotta hold my spot. It's super tasty as well so win win here.

Food was pretty good, we all 8 agree. Walking, and walking, we keep talking. So how's your school? You have classes in the morning only? -- Yes We do -- I say -- lucky! We walked a lot though the day, visited the whole center and in the end got in the train, each to their respective hotel or house. Hey, what about going for some tapas tomorrow? Are you leaving early? -- Says my dad -- Not really, we can sure meet up, we'll give you a call as soon as we're ready alrighty? -- says our friend, she still holds that characteristic accent of her.

Hey! nice to see you again! -- Says dad. Hug, Handshake, kisses and another handshake for mom, dad, daughter and brother, nice to see you again people! Beers go on and it's time for them to go. Hey, we have to take a picture here, says my dad and his friend. They tend to think the same for some weird reason. Pic taken, big hugs, kisses and huge smiles and grins, we all say goodbye, until summer presumably. We'll go, we'll try hard and be there sometime yeah. We'll let you know -- My dad's friend says. Nice to see you, bye!

We part ways and I look back at the family while we both walk away from the restaurant in opposite directions. Dad's friend hugs his family, and I think. How interesting to see how your real friends are far away, right? I don't know if you can even consider them friends when you've only seen them twice ever and in such a long time, but that only applies to me and my bro anyway, they've known each other for years and seen each other every day for quite the long time. Great little day this was. These are the people that make life worth it.


Living For Love
January 6th, 2016, 06:37 AM
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