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December 22nd, 2015, 05:32 PM
So I have been anticipating on getting my Driver's License for years now, which I am less than a year away from (probably getting hardship license). My parents are allowing me to get just about anything I want so long as it is not horrible MPG and doesn't run too much on insurance (we are pretty much splitting the price). I have always loved trucks, but not the MPG and insurance rates. Lucky for me, there's a way to avoid this. Compact trucks are trucks obviously, but the MPG is nowhere near as poor and insurance rates are better. I think I have decided on the Chevrolet Colorado, particularly a 2009-2012 with the 3.7 inline 5-cylinder and the LT edition. I am pretty familiar with these trucks already as a family member has one, and it seems like a good value. It's not as over-priced as the Tacoma/Ranger (or as unreliable as the Dakota), they've been pretty reliable and the MPG isn't that bad. The 5 cylinder has decent acceleration and power, without the insurance rate and MPG of a V8. I can also haul stuff in the back as needed. I think they have the best design in the class, and has a good amount of standard features. I have already talked to my parents about this vehicle, and they think it is a good idea. I would like to get some other people's input on this vehicle, so please leave a comment and share your opinion!

FYI: The price is about $9000 - $16000, around my price range.

Here's a picture:


December 24th, 2015, 02:39 PM
I've never liked small trucks. Yeah, they're trucks. But only to say that they're trucks. I drive a 2012 F-150 Crew Cab with a long bed and I love it. Then again, I didn't pay I just picked:)
If you absolutely want a truck, the Colorado is a good starting point. It doesn't have the towing or hauling capacity of a full-size, but then again realistically will you ever need to tow-haul mega loads? Likely not. I do like the design of the Colorado (it's fairly true to the Silverado) and I'd pick it over ANY Toyota or Honda truck any day.
Your call, obviously. I'd take it.

December 24th, 2015, 09:39 PM
Thanks for your input! No I won't be towing mega loads, I just need something to haul simple stuff. It won't have high insurance or gas costs, and I can it least get something that isn't a compact car (nothing against, just not my taste). My father also said he prefer me to get a truck.

December 25th, 2015, 06:00 PM
I guess any teen from Germany who hasn't been in the US before would freak out right now. I drive my parents old Grand Cherokee they used before they got the new model but basically everyone over here uses an old Fiat from the 80s or something like that for their first car so there's no biggy if they crash or scratch it. But I think the Chevy is a good way to go and the 5-cylinder engine is enough, especially for your first car and if you don't want to tow huge loads you really don't need the power and torque of a V8, especially if the MPG is a concern.

December 30th, 2015, 12:51 PM
It is a very nice car! I want a GM SUV as my first one :) But I don't have a drivers license yet... I've failed my exams, and it is a horrible situation really. I am practising some test now on www.education4drivers.com service, and I hope that I will get my DL soon. Do you have some tips for passing test?

I don't really know what that exam looks like in the US, but in Germany it normally helps driving a little bit slower than you normally would. When you're nervous your brain just doesn't react in the same time it would in an everday situation which mostly causes you to make a lot of mistakes. So just take your time and try not to be too nervous in the first place, there's nothing that can happen except failing a second time and c'mon, like that's the worst thing on earth, happens everyday...