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December 8th, 2015, 03:00 PM
I just felt like i needed a place to share this.. And there will probably be more to come. Feel free to share your love poems here as well. I'd love to read some.

*No Title*
You've made me a better person,
Without even trying...
You are like a ghost limb
I cant forget that i'm missing...
If that isnt love,
I dont know what is?

Maybe it's not the kind of love
That makes you tear your clothes off.
Maybe it's not the kind of love
That wishes for babies and dogs...
But maybe it's a different kind of love,
One that will be there till the very end.
Quiet but strong,
Supportive when you think
You are at your most alone;
At the bottom of the sea
Where no one else can see,
I will find you every time.
And i will hold my breath with you,
Till it's time to swim back up
To surface again
In a world brand new.

When i say i love you,
It might not make sense at first.
What kind of love does what i've done?
What kind of love keeps loving when it seems completely insane to continue?
The one that's eternal in my heart for you.
The one that's a bit eccentric as am i,
But one that cuts deep and means what it says,
Because i only say what i feel for you.

When you wake up one morning and you are alone
If you wake up one morning, and find yourself torn,
Remember nothing else but this:
I am with you
Even when i'm not
You are not alone
The pain hurts untill it does not
The past hurts until the future comes
I might be your past right now, i might be your pain
I wish to be your future, and a different kind of friend.
You will be free with me,
Free but not alone.
Please dont think with your head
I dont live there,
I'm only with your soul.

Nothing i say will ever expire,
None of this love is meant to be over...
Even if one day i no longer exist,
What i meant when i met you
Will stand true.

When my world ends,
I will still know you.
I will remember this love and smile...
Nothing else can replace this,
Nothing can imitate:
The fingerprint of your essance,
And what happened when your essance met mine...

December 14th, 2015, 12:16 PM
A very emotional moving poem.. did you write this ?

December 14th, 2015, 12:22 PM
Congrats on being brave enough to share. I like it but I am not sure I understand it all. I bet its meaning can change depending on situation and who is reading.

December 21st, 2015, 12:43 PM
A very emotional moving poem.. did you write this ?


December 21st, 2015, 12:50 PM
I dont think i will ever stop loving you
I dont think i will ever stop needing you
You were in my dream last night
And your presence was all that was needed
For my entire existance to be calm
For my entire life, to make sense again..

I might be crazy, i cannot care
I might be addicted
To a sweet kind of pain
I apologize in advance
For all the hopeless poems i will write
For all the sad songs i will sing
And for all these little tears of mine..

Dearly beloved
Do you even remember?
Your silence speaks for you
And i grieve deep in my soul

Every day without you
Is one more day that doesnt make sense
Every minute i wish it was different
I wish i could change the past..

Farewell my beloved,
But dont think that this love dies..
I cant explain to you why i feel this way
Maybe one day we will both understand
Or not
In any case
I will miss you

You will be missing from me, forever.