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Invisible Princess
November 22nd, 2015, 05:33 PM
Hi, I'm new to this sort of thing.

I'm 17 from England and I'm at college. For a few years I've been having periods of really tough spells. I must stress that these are normally short bursts and that's why I don't think I have any sort of diagnosable issue.

Recently I've just been feeling really shit about myself. If I do badly on a test I beat myself up about it. I know it's not important and that in reality I'm still doing pretty well but I can't shake it. I've always found it very difficult to not cry at little things even if I think I don't are about what's going on.

I've done a few of these self test mental health quizzes and I know they cannot diognose you buy a few of the points resonate with me. For instance not being able to stop focusing on the bad things that have happened.

Sorry this isn't very well written but it's hard to know what I want to say. I'm not sure what I'm expecting to get out of this but thanks in advance for any comments.