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November 16th, 2015, 06:45 PM
So, I ask in circumstances such as this. Why do you think life better than death? (Assuming most of you hold this view.) Life is objectively meaningless. Full of only those who find their own subjective meanings and reasons to live. Since I have none, suicide should 'morally' be justified. Why do people believe suicide is wrong? People make claims such as 'life will get better', when for that person it may never get better. What about
underprivileged/homeless people. We might aswell be dead. Serving no purpose to society other than to remind others how great and wonderful their life is. Yet, most forget this fact more quickly than in the amount of time they were reminded.

I'm 17 years old. I have no social life or friends whatsoever. I'm completely isolated, I literally don't know anyone at all, muchless have friends. I've been "homeschooled" my entire life. (They don't teach me anything. So, I'm basically uneducated and have no future whatsoever.) I've had major depression/social anxiety (too anxious to go to a checkout line in a store.) and been suicidal for 3-4 years. Now I have lost pretty much all sense of abstract emotion. I feel absolutely nothing about anything and nothing phases me. My parents are poor, delusional, religious extremists. They knew I'm suicidal and acted as if it's a joke. I've never seen a Psychiatrist, because they refuse to accept the reality of psychology for some reason. They've neglected, emotionally and in the past physically abused me. I rarely see or speak to them now. I have nothing. Nothing I enjoy doing, no hobbies, abilities, or money for them if I did. I have no future. No education, (Can't pass the SAT.) no money for a college/uni education. No car or even driver's license. (I have to walk anywhere I want to go.) I have no phone or access to one. No job or way of getting one. I don't even own presentable clothes. (I only own 2 pairs of 3 year old used clothes.) No computer/wi-fi. (I'm using a public library computer.) I'm a freak. I have crooked, stained, ground down teeth for lack of dental care. My nose is broken and crooked from a fight, causing a deviated septum which blocks my left nostril. Requiring me to breathe almost entirely through my mouth, causing severe dry mouth, etc. I've been grossly underweight for several years. (6' 2" - 122 lb.) - I'm NOT anorexic, I eat a sustainable amount of food for the moment. I'm positive the cause is hyperthyroidism, but can't see a doctor for diagnosis/treatment. (It will eventually kill me going untreated.) But oh, well life living in a ghetto.

November 17th, 2015, 11:05 PM
Sorry to hear about your problems. Reading your story you seem pretty intelligent. All I can say hopefully things will get better.

November 20th, 2015, 11:52 PM
I don't quite understand what you are asking about. Morality of suicide or help in your life situation?

I guess whether you believe suicide morally wrong or not depends on your culture, religion, philosophical views etw. and it doesn't matter what the majority thinks about it.
There are so many different reasons for it and to say it's right or wrong or whatever might also depend on the case. Whether a meaningless life is a reason or not, well...basically the life of most people is meaningless...
There are people in really bad situations who would never consider killing themselves why others you would have thought had a "great life" kill themselves.

So this is a very difficult question to answer and my opinion on it is that I accept and respect other people's decision to take their own life whereas I am not sure if I would have the strength to do it myself.

I have been through very bad things in life and no matter if it will "get better" someday or not till now I always found it worth enough to go on.

That's all what I can think of a the moment for the first part of your post.

The second part i.e. your background. I'm really sorry to hear about this. I won't say anything like I know things get better cuz they don't do for me and my life, my backstory isn't a happy one either, so I don't give you false hopes or whatever. The only thing what I can tell you if you want something to happen you have to do it yourself, nobody will help you if you want to change something you have to change and you don't have to wait for others. As I said personal experience.
Life is what you make of it.