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Sailor Mars
November 12th, 2015, 01:26 PM
So far 3005 instrumental (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT3uUpGxmNg) goes pretty good with it. I don't have a hook or anything yet, i dont even know if i want to make it an actual song lol cuz its funny and pretty savage. There's also a lot of word play so if you get it congrats

Verse -

See me makin benjis
Just my luck
Add it to the wallet
Cuz the fund don't trust
See me spill blood
Like a diamond in the rough
Red like tomato
You just got to catch up
I'm fresh like a mint
And hot like a pepper
You can call me stuck up
But I'm a go getter
I cut like I'm swiss
I make cash like a casino
I spit trinity
Like my name is Bambino
I'm horny like a deer head
Shoot it, make the deer dead
Serve it up for dinner
With a shottie, make you fear lead
Hold up, need a clear head
Wonder where the beer went
Composed like I'm a soldier
I mean just watch my bandolier shed
Getting new skin
Like a stranger's high five
Kick ass like you're D'amico
Make you take a swan dive
You can call me Carey Price
I will stop you in your tracks
You can hold my irons
Give advice like Ty Webb
See my goals are on point
Like a professional darts game
Dodging accusations
Like my name is Patrick Kane
I will tune you out
Like Eddy ate dynamite
Hear the bass pumping
Getting turnt Friday night

Hook -

I'm just tryna make it out here
We should all fight
But as a young rapper
I got money in my sight
Hear the loud speakers
Out the window goes the TV
Soon as cash flows
Just wait till it's HD

Bontigo Papi .
November 14th, 2015, 03:30 AM
Opps just had to do it

(Verse 2)
If you're in doubt, just know I'm always here
Got Bodega with me
Just to make it clear
While she's making the dough
I'm just selling the product
She got that money from rap
And I'm just selling narcotics
I'm bleeding red
Yeah, red like a devil
I've got my glock up here
Just bustin' this treble
Got that mint in my breath
But what you smelling is pepper
See you getting burned
Cause you aint no go-getter
Spending cash
Got no worry in the world
I would mention Bambino
But this aint no damn casino
I'm just moving up the ranks
I'm just owning that table
Got a new girl with me
And the bitch's name is Mabel
Got all the ideas when she gave me head
Needed all that motivation , just to make it clear
She did it all too good, said it tastes like lead
I think she took to far, I said 'slow down, dear'
So I fucked her aside
Still had to keep my pride
So I robbed a nigga
And took his jack ass ride
And for the very last time
I'm just making it clear
I aint leaving the city
I'm just making it here