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Bontigo Papi .
November 12th, 2015, 08:37 AM
So , after some inspiration by Bodega Bamz, I've decided to do a few of my own rap threads lol .

Its a work-in-progress and its based on DJ Creep's remake of 2pac ft. Eminem - Last Kings.

(Verse 1)
Life is a blaze
I learnt that in six grade
While starin' at the stars
Of the Milky Way

Caught up in this dealin'
Deals pack with promises
Often leads to more hurt
And less healin'

That's how you become a last king
Busting niggas in a mouth
Smokin' weed
And becoming part of a crime ring

Glory, glory days are over
Led a tough man
Startin' some shit
Which was always over

Daylight, daylight , the sun coming over
Kept broken promises
So tight
While these lies grew older

Blessings on some blessings
Heart grew fonder
While my mind got messy

Caught up in this misery
Real niggas should've known better than to fuck with me
Man, fuck this beef

I aint a killer
But I'm murdering niggas
With these rhymes of thought
With a heart full of gold

And I sure as hell aint pleading the fifth
Got a life to live
So I'm living a myth

Now this life I chose
Aint sure what I did
But I'd rather die young
At the age of 26

Cause I'm the boss around here
Fucked these feelings aside
Grew a pair of balls
Now I'm the king of the west side

Started from the bottom
Now I reign supreme
Swaggin' my mane
Like I'm a motherfuckin' last king
(Like I'm, like I'm,)
Like I'm a motherfuckin' last king
(And I'll , and I'll,)
And I'll always reign supreme
(Cause I'm, cause I'm)
Cause I'm a motherfuckin' last king

I know its shit but I'm a 14 year old lol .

Bontigo Papi .
November 12th, 2015, 02:37 PM
Updated the rap, reason is below the post .