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November 6th, 2015, 03:19 PM
So I've been in therapy for, i think it's 7/8 weeks now, and I'm hating it haha
But, I've been reading up A LOT on anxiety after officially being diagnosed with that (Mostly chronic social anxiety, but also other things), and depression, but, there's one thing i cannot find a straight forward answer for!
Does anyone else with anxiety have weird heat problems?
Like, my body temperature is always high, whenever i move from a seat and someone sits there they comment on how hot it is, if i have ever been beside someone in a bed they never stay under the duvet, i nearly constantly sweat, like right now, if i have a hot cup of tea my whole body gets sticky with sweat, and even just walking in a room, i can feel a radiator coming on/off, or tell if the kettle has just been boiled, or the oven has just been used, without going anywhere near them, so, is this heat stuff a symptom of that? Or is this just another way of my body showing I'm fucked up? XD
For anyone else who needs it, with research i found out, sleep, food, twitching, shaking, attention span, memory, breathing issues, chest pains, all that stuff is part of it too, so, don't listen to Google when it tries to tell you that you have cancer (That's not a joke, it has tried to tell me that many times haha)

City Kid
November 8th, 2015, 03:37 PM
First off, therapy always sucks in the beginning. But it gets easier, and if you have a good therapist it is gonna help you a lot in the long run. (You can take that from someone who's about to start their fourth psychotherapy.)

So to be honest I've never heard of someone with problems like yours. But mental illnesses can cause all kinds of weird physical symptoms, so it's definitely possible that it's psychosomatic.

But have you ever been to a regular doctor because of this? If not, I think you should go and let a professional check if everything's alright with your body before thinking about what else could cause it.

Little mermaid
November 8th, 2015, 09:48 PM
I know its common to sweat with a anxiety attack but I don't know if the extent of yours is normal, maybe ask a doctor?

Good luck with therapy, i hope it helps

November 9th, 2015, 09:42 PM
Never heard of that. I have a friend who is a doctor, ill try to ask about your case.