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Sailor Mars
October 28th, 2015, 06:44 PM
I actually like this one a lot
Beat: The worst by Jhene Aiko instrumental w/ hook

I don't need you boy
But I want you
I need someone with me
After everything I've gone through
Cuz I'm choking here
Just look at me, I've turned blue
Cuz our crew has dwindled down to just us two
And I love you
I don't just want you
We need each other
After everything we've gone through
Our time together is past due
I just want to fit like a puzzle
Extra glue
I understand that I'm rather transparent
But that doesn't mean you have to keep staring
We're friends right?
I thought it was apparent
But now your speaking incoherent
And I can't hear you
Hold me down by the strings
Be my capo
Hold me down to the earth
With some staples
Hold me together
I'm falling apart
I need you in my life
Stop trying to tear us apart
I thought our love was like some abstract art
Something I would never look at
But I can see the Heart
With just one glance you throw me away
Like I'm an onion in your shopping cart
It hurts okay?
I know that I make loved ones cry
I know that but I need help learning why
Cut me up boy, I'll understand
We'll make something beautiful
Just open the lid of the pan
(hook plays)
It hurts boy
But I still want you
I still have your hoodie
I guess that it will make do
We used to be together all the damn time
But now our relationship is sour like a damn lime
Read me off like I'm a damn fine
But we went together perfectly
Double underline
That was a certainty
But now you take a line
And you cross us out
I thought we were cool boy
What was that about?
Boy I loved you
And I still want you
But I can't need you
After what you put me through
And you can't fix this boy
Our time was overrated
I loved you in the moment
But my heart you are engraved in...
And now I wish I was untainted
(hook starts and the rest of the song plays out)

This rap doesn't apply to me. I just came up with a rap based off the song

Sailor Mars
October 29th, 2015, 07:53 PM
fixed it up. Any errors or lines that weren't even are now fixed. I might post a recording if I decide to do one