View Full Version : So..that helps me.. Kinda... (May trigger)

October 18th, 2015, 06:44 AM
So i am SH for about 10days or more. And that stuff helps me to get rid of bad emotions and i don't have a single person to express my fillings and that helps me. So in school i have biggest problem - my grades are medium/bad and classmates are realy big assholes and abuse me a lot.. Like every single person in class hates me and i think my look is bad and they think i look ugly. Every human have rights and i just can't use them and i get rid of filings by SH. I have dart what i use for it(scratch till blood) and paper towel to get rid of blood and take care of wound. I realy need help and i think this is place where i can solve some my life problems.
And i am realy lonely and depressed and every morning i just feel empty and i just go to school and feel empty.
Please help me about this and please no doctors or psychiatrist or other people involved. I need to solve this alone without my parrents.
For now i have phew wounds and i have candy hidden with dart. So next time when i will cut i will eat candy in start and maybe i will forget about cutting again.. I don't know if it will work, but need to try..

October 21st, 2015, 06:04 AM
The candy idea is a good way to go. But honestly, i know you said you want to deal with this yourself, but, if the people in your class are being so bad that they're causing you to self harm, you need to tell someone. weather it be your best friend, a school social worker/chaplain. even if you just write it in a journal/piece of paper, its better than keeping everything bottled inside.
Hope this helped.