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October 11th, 2015, 08:04 PM
Hey guys, just in advance, thank you to anyone who actually reads this post and a further thanks to anyone who responds. So for the past couple of days, my thinking has been really fuzzy and I have had a feeling of confusion and my anxiety has been on the fritz lately. I actually woke up this morning to one of the worst panic attacks I have had in a long while and nobody was awake to help me so it was bad. I had actually partaken in a smoke session with a few people on Friday and I had an anxiety attack then too, which has in-fact gotten me off of any substance forever. Since then I have been kind off "foggy-minded" as google would say and I brushed it off as being a "weed hangover" and it has just been pretty weird this whole weekend. This morning though, I am pretty sure that my blood sugar was ridiculously low and that had me even more dazed and confused. So I guess what my main question is, what it the weed that has me all weird or is it my low blood sugar that has me tripped up. I read that having low blood sugar covers pretty much all that I am feeling but I just want some verification.

~Thanks again to anyone who reads/responds

October 11th, 2015, 09:00 PM
Could be a mix of both but I'm probably going to lean towards the low blood sugar being your main culprit. Depending on how much you smoked I don't think a 'weed hangover' would last for a long period of time, I try to avoid it since I haven't enjoyed it so I'm no expert on the stuff but that is just from experience.