View Full Version : Need help with a plot.

October 10th, 2015, 09:37 PM
Trying to do a spinoff of the Ukrainian Revolution, any ideas?

October 10th, 2015, 10:13 PM
The Ukraine is occupied by the Russians.

A Ukrainian resistance fighter falls in love with a Russian woman and gets caught in the crossfire.

When he thinks he has convinced his Russian girlfriend of standing up for the Ukrainian stuff, it turns out that she is a Russian agent who's job is to infiltrate the Ukrainian resistance.

Cause of his GF he is captured and reversed by the Russians FSB.

Back in Ukrainian underground his best friend recognizes that he no longer believes in the goals of the Ukrainian revolution, which is why this friend betrays him.

At the last second he's saved his girlfriend, the Russian agent, before the execution. This action causes trouble with the FSB, because the FSB boss declares her as a traitor.

During the Ukrainian revolution breaks out, both can flee to Turkey, followed by ▄krainian and Russian Agents. At a sidewalk cafe in the Kurdish part of Turkey both are victims of a suicide bomber and die.

The fact that the lovers brought important papers with them that could bring both partys, the Russians and the Ukrainian Revolutionaries into disrepute, both posthumously are declared as heroes of Revolution since the CiA intervened in order to put themselves merely out of trouble, because they secretly supported the Ukrainian Revolution, but at the end, the revolution kinda failed.

If you can turn this into a any kind of a structured story - respect. I've lost track.