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January 18th, 2014, 07:02 AM
Its not okay to stand there alone in the middle of a playground. No friends except the teddy which lay in my backpack.

I enter school everyday with my head held high like I am a wannabe popular student. Once I enter the gates my hair is perfect. Eyebrows are cleans and so are my eyes. Spots hidden and my social life is put on my shoulders.

The troubles of yesterday hop on to me and so does my family problems. Theres only one reason I am writing this. it is because I want to help you get through your day by thinking there is someone out there like me.

I have only one bestfriend who is there for me everyday and night we go on holiday together. Literally we go everywhere.

Back onto the school bullying subject.

I enter the playground with my tie dye backpack and my bestfriend my my side I hear people behind me shouting 'eww look at your bag' Ignore and move on. I see my other friends on the other side of the playground and I physically batter through to them trying not to have a football kicked at my head! I Ignore most of the people who actually try and talk to me so they can take the mick out of me later that day.

I seriously really want to help you people please leave your stories below part 2 will be posted later! :mad:

January 18th, 2014, 03:31 PM
Luckily i've never really suffered from bullying....but i really detest it in all it's forms...

January 18th, 2014, 05:34 PM
I used to have a guy using every single opportunity possible to try to either embarass, hurt, break down, restrain, make fun, or even something like making me late by lying to a prefect to delay me. This includes:

Making fun of me for my intellectual capacity

Tying my shoelaces to a bathroom stall in PE

Telling a member of the Student Council that I kicked him after punching himself for a bruise on his leg

Contradicting every single thing I say and telling the teacher of every single thing I do, as long as he sees fit

Getting people to believe his story of me peeing myself

Peeing on my shoe for the smell of urine while I was in the bathroom getting changed after PE to get people to believe his story of me peeing myself

Stealing and hiding an item of highest regard to any teenager in hi right mind, called MY FECKING PHONE!

Spilling water in me on purpose to make me look bad

Telling people I'm gay and that I jack off IN FUCKING MATH CLASS!! It is the only place I still retained my honor! And the only reason I would hold my hands below the table and tilt my head down was because I never had to pay attention in class and I normally just read a book from the library, but the teacher asked me to keep the book under the table cuz she knew and was fine with it, but the others (like that he-devil's bitchy fucker) would most likely be jealous of me, so I hid it under the table while reading.

When he attacked me, saying that "I'm just a shitty boy needing a good shit" I told him that " a guy of even his stature's cursing vocabulary should be limited to more than a tedious reiteration of the excretic matter that filled the void between his ears (I don't think anything fills that void now)" he told a teacher and I got detention, even though HE was the one who first verbally abused ME, abd I was just trying to use the only thing I have over him, my intelligence, against him as a weapon to defend and stand up for myself! I mean, really?

Telling everyone I came in the 7th grade farewell's swimming pool to make me look even worse than I ever felt at the time, not yet knowing the extent of the abilities of Depression and Heartbreak.

And even taunting me on my Facebook page to the point of me asking some of the Facebook people to delete his account!

Yeah! He did all that! I know right, BOUNDARIES!!! Man, I hated him even thinking of him, my eyes are turning white as snow. I know because I just checked. But in the end, I spilled it all to a teacher I trusted near the end of the year, told her of everything he ever did. His life got ruined for a year, cuz he got expelled for two weeks, long enough to miss the entirety of the end year exams, which he never would have survived, but my marks, as a nerd, was high enough to survive even this blow, and that my teacher got the others to actually start noticing how someone with my self-esteem and inner demons could never even come close to doing what he said I did. I got voted as:

Most Likely to be a Mad Scientist or Astroengineer;
Least Likely to end up in a Circus;
Smartest in End-Year Class;
Highest IQ and Largest General Knowledge;
And finally, First to get a Bully Expelled and Fail a Year ( a special category added especially for me, and all others who achieve the same feat hereafter)

The whole school now holds me in regatd to some extent, and I started boarding school a week ago, it is nice here, none of my former enemies have come here to spread stories, so it is awesome having a clean slate to start on. I can FINALLY have a normal high school experience as the nerd I am! Then I fell into the states of deep depression adolescence brought along, and I experienced new lows in the pits of sadness. But I'm finally averaging happy in overview again! And that demon has been held back a year, so he doesn't bother me in any way now!

January 18th, 2014, 06:58 PM
man, where do i even begin?

it started in kindergarten. during kindergarten and first grade i had to take speech erapy because of my speech impediment. kids picked on me all the time for it, they would mock me.

it continued.

i moved to another school in second grade, and it got so bad that i would eat lunch alone and because kids would dump my food in the floor eventually i just hid in the bathroom during lunch.

moved again for third grade. there i was the fat new girl that nobody took time to get to know. it kept going. 6th grade they started this thing called gaggle it was an online thing where we had blogs and messaging and stuff - basically an early version of myspace. there was a grup of girls from school who would comment hurtful things on my page and stuff and calling me horrible names. it got very bad.

seventh grade was middle school. they were ruthless it and continued. i began self-harming in seventh grade.

then 9th, high school.i was jumped by a girl freshman year because i didnt go out of my way to hold a door open for her. that night she texted me saying she was going to rock my world the next day and not think twice about it. i told two teachers it was going to happen but nothing was done and she assaulted me during class change. i ended up in the hospital because i have epilepsy and the head trauma sent me into a seizure.

i am a band geek. i played clarinet at that time, and my section leader was the biggest jerk of all time. he would yell at me and tell me that i should just go home and kill myself because i wasnt wanted there and i was just holding the band back from acheiving great things because i sucked. my band director at the time wasnt much better. he would make me play in front of evereyone until i got it perfect or he gave up on me. he would get up into my face and scream at me, and one time he even threw a marker at my face.

10th grade i began starving myself on top of already cutting. kids found out i had epilepsy and they would immitate my seizures. someone would "fall" at my feet during class change faking a seizure then get up and laugh with their friends.

11th grade someone took a video of me having a seizure in class, and they sent it around. it went viral and i was dubbed as the "retarded seizure girl."

end of junior year i moved again, and my new school has been nothing but great for me. i'm a senior now. i've had some problems since switching schools again, but nothing like it used to be.

January 18th, 2014, 08:00 PM
Wow. That's so harsh. I haven't felt this sad and depressed, yet sympathetic, since a friend got a knee operation in March last year and had to give up her carrer in hockey. If she didn't have to get that op, she would probably b known a lot better.