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West Coast Sheriff
October 10th, 2013, 12:10 AM
I have come to terms with myself and I've finally accepted I have binge eating disorder. I go on long streaks of not eating, then I'll eat a ton of good til I'm sick. I'm not sure what I should do as as far as getting help

Mob Boss
October 10th, 2013, 02:31 AM
Awww, sweetie. I think telling your parents is a start. If you don't feel comfortable explaining the details, just explain that you have been having unhealthy eating behaviors. They may just aid in watching your eating habits more or supporting you. What I've read on binge eating, it typically is an emotional crutch or sorts. You know if there is a lot going on or you're in a low point or you're just stressed, you might turn to food for that comfort. Plus factor in that you go days with hardly eating at all; when you do eat again it will be difficult to stop because your mind thinks "hey, I won't get this for awhile again and I need it to survive". Start a journal. Write whatever it is that is bothering you, exciting you, angering you, just anything... Anything that can fuel and or trigger a binge. If you have dealt with self-harm in the past and have recovered, it may have became your new coping mechanism. Both of which are really unhealthy for you.

Next time you feel a binge coming on:
*Set a timer for 30 minutes and tell yourself you can eat once the timer expires. In the matter of that time you'll have most likely forgotten about it or calmed yourself from whatever was bothering you.
*The Apple Test. I think this is especially important for binge eaters. It helps you decipher actual hunger over emotional hunger. Keep apples, or some other fruit that isn't necessarily anything you'd typically care to reach for, in your fridge and whenever you feel the need to eat, ask yourself if you'd eat the apple. If yes, that usually means legitimate hunger. Binges are more times than not based around junk food. If it's merely a binge you're more likely to say no and thus morelikely to avoid it. Recognition both between legitimate hunger and emotional hunger and recognition of the emotions that are fueling these binges are a few of the key factors to overcoming this.

October 13th, 2013, 11:43 AM
I also came to accept i have Binge Eating Disorder. And i overcame it with some therapy.

October 13th, 2013, 01:01 PM
Start by telling your parents. That's going to be the best thing to do, because they will support and love you no matter what. I'm glad you have come to terms with it because that is the first step. Acknowledge that you want help. Tell your parents that. It may be a shock or they may even already know. Next- get professional help. If a school therapist is all you can get, it's better than nothing, speak to him/her. A lot of the power behind the eating disorder is all in your head, and if you push yourself to stop with all your willpower, you can do it. Know that you are a beautiful person and it doesn't matter how you look as long as you feel good. If you weigh yourself on a scale constantly, get rid of the scale. Limit the amount of food you eat. Write yourself, or have a parent or trusted friend or adult write you a menu. When you get up to go get food, stop and ask yourself if you're really hungry. Does your stomach feel empty? When was the last time you ate? Give yourself specific times you can eat. Like I said before, with willpower you can overcome this, just try, try, try.
If you ever want to talk, I would love to.