View Full Version : is it really the food, or something else?

August 7th, 2013, 12:46 AM
I have never experienced in eating disorder in my life before. Until, that is, when I broke up with my girlfriend. I want to offer different perspective to why someone wouldn't want to eat food. I came to such a conclusion when I read a passage from my summer reading book (Alas Babylon), as my stomach was barking at me. It stated: "The Germans, in their years of methodical madness, had discovered in their concentration camps that when a man's diet fell below fifteen hundred calories his desires and capacity for all emotions dwindled." Even though 1500 calories Is allot less than what I actually ate, what I found out was that if I was hungry, the pain I felt would dampen, and sometimes go away. Me being hungry didn't matter much anyway because I would just lay I'm my bed without needing to do any physically challenging tasks. At the end I just realized that feeling pain for that person just wasn't worth it, and so was getting physically weaker. I know that food to some people simply isn't appealing, but I hoped I helped someone with this. Good luck to everyone!