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June 20th, 2013, 10:19 PM
I'm hating myself right now, I'm so mad right now I could cry. I feel so hot I'm burning and sweating and I hate it. I hate it so much. It's been 11 days since I last worked out and I disgust myself. I'm eating too much, all the time, I just love it. I cant motivate myself to do anything and I hate that too. I wake up with plans to go to the gym and eat well and go to bed hating myself more and more I dont wanna go back here, back to the self hate. But I'm near to lose it, I dont understand I've worked out six days a week since August 5th of last year. I take a little over a week off and now I'm disgusted with myself I hate myself. Why am I so weak?

June 20th, 2013, 10:49 PM
what you need to do is sit down relax and eat a hole bunch of fruits. there is nothing bad about fresh, ripe fruit. And while you are eating fruit, read online about all the health benefits from an orange. That will give you the motivation to be your best. I know it might seem strange, but trust me, there is something about eating fresh fruit that gives you energy. physically the fruit is alive because all the cell that make up the fruit is just thriving, all together in a group. And some how that life get put into you and you are magicaly left with a feeling of peace.

now just a banana wont do it. try starting your day with a bunch of fruit. dont hold back, be free.

June 22nd, 2013, 02:42 AM
Don't give up, I know how you feel. You must PUSH yourself toward the first step and go exercising again. The first step is always the hardest, but you have to do it if you want to get back on track. You can do it, girl!

And I don't know if it's the hot weather and humidity, but during the summer I feel all lazy and icky... make sure you drink lots of water, don't eat a lot of salty foods, and avoid clothing that is 100% cotton if you're going to work out outdoors (cotton traps moisture/sweat). And maybe take a break from the gym and hop into the pool and swim some laps; it's a great way to exercise.

Conqueror of Hearts
June 22nd, 2013, 10:13 AM
I've been on and off healthy diet all my life and I get you, it's hard and you need to work out etc. I used to go to the gym, but I don't really like being there, I prefer my room, so I found out bunch of great videos with workouts and for a month I've been doing '30 days shred' (not every day, and only level 1) and let me tell you, I've lost 11 pounds. Along with excersising I ate right...I didn't skip any meals, I ate lots of fruit, I ate sweets maybe 2 times a week and I drank lots of water. It wasn't very hard...the hardest part is beginningso after a week or two you will see that you can actually do that. Unfortnately, lately I've been eating junk food and sweets because I'm studying alot and I don't have time to exercise and I'm very nervous all the time and under preassure cause I need to enter a faculty I applied for, but after that I'm going back to my healthy routine and I can't wait cause I felt so good while I was loosing pounds.

But, no matter how you look you should never hate yourself, you need to learn now to love yourself and your body no matter how much you weight. So keep going and good luck girl, if you want any other tips or more details about my healthy diet just ask or pm me! -xx

jaxian rhyder
June 22nd, 2013, 10:23 AM
If u r trying to lose wait ur doing it wrong I know a better way if u eat lots of veggies and fruits about double the fruits and vegetables that u do protein then it will help digest the protein speeding p ur metabolism making u lose weight witch will make u more motivated to lose more weight