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February 22nd, 2013, 05:05 AM
Hello everyone :lol:
I'm having a kindof doubt moment and I would appreciate some help .
So This guy In 12th grade (I'm in 10th) made it clear that he liked me. So we started talking a bit. ( just to say hi and bye and sometimes small talk) and my friend who also has a massive crush on him started talking to him all the time. So I got jealous and my friend didn't like seeing me like that. She went up to my crush and told him to make things clear between us. That if he didn't like me to start ignoring me , if not to come up and talk to me if I'll just move on ( ok that isn't necessarily true ;) ) And he came up to me we spoke one on one and he told me that he liked me in his native language. ( I actually have basis in that language he doesn't know that yet ! )
But then the next day it happens again we say hi but he hangs out with my "friend"
I got discretely pissed , so he didn't see it. My friends were really suportive and went on my fb to ask for his number. (as it was the holidays) I got it but he said : Sure :) but I won't have my phone until monday (normally) as I left it on the bus and my friend took it for me here it is 06********. So I said thanks and that I will send him a message with my name.
On monday no message. But he tells me on fb that he still coudn't have it and he engaged conversation. It died off a bit and I had to leave immediately for 5h without time for giving an explanation, I came back and explaned and said sorry and asked him a question about his holidays. He saw it but didn't respond. My bestfriend went on my fb and sent him hi you I don't know if he saw it but he didn't answer. a few hours after someone hacked my fb and sent : buighiursfbnvhd to him he immediately answerd : what's that ? :) and I said : I'm so sorry someone hacked into my fb ! and he just answered : no prob. So I didn't push and left the conversation there.
Maybe I'm overthinking things. But the fact is he ignored twice my message but answered immediately when someone sent : jgfudvldfu through my account to him. :confused: Am I being too clingy or annoying him ?
I get the feeling that I am :/
I've tried moving on but for the last 3 nights I've been dreaming about him !
I don't know why.

THankk you for any help I can get <3

February 22nd, 2013, 05:06 AM
The beginning isn't very clear . So a girl started talking to him , It annoyed me ,So one of my friends went up to him :)

February 22nd, 2013, 12:51 PM
You seem self conscious and that's probably because you like him so much, I'd give him some space for a day or two just in case you were being too clingy , but obviously there's no need to ignore him completely. -He'll probably have forgotten about it.

It would help if you spoke to him directly face to face and ask him straight up if you've annoyed him, it makes so much easier to not have other people passing messages and confusing things.

From there you just have to accept what he say's but I doubt it'd be anything too negative since you come across as friendly.

Hope this helped :)

February 22nd, 2013, 01:18 PM
It sounds like you have more than one problem from reading your post and the one I would be more concerned with is this person you refer to as your friend. It appears she's not working towards your best interest.

As for the second part it dossn't exactly sound like your stalking him and you indicate he has told you he likes you. The lack of responses from a fb post dosen't always mean he's ignoring you but if you get the feeling you need to give him some space it might not be a bad idea. Some guys are afraid of girls that appear to anxious or needy and leaving him alone for awhile might just bring him around.