View Full Version : How to Insert a Created Signature

January 23rd, 2013, 02:21 PM
So this is for you newbies that haven't yet worked out how to upload a picture made by a signature creator into your signature.

Step 1: Save the Image to your computer


Step 2: Save it with a name and in a folder that you'll remember


Steps 3 & 4: Go to your User Control Panel (CP), Then find the Edit Signature option in your tool bar at the side.


Steps 5 & 6: Upload the file into the "Choose File" Box and click upload. When that is done click the "Insert Signature Picture" Link next to the box in which your picture should have appeared into.


Step 7: the link should have appeared in the editing box. If this is the case click save and you should now have your signature picture in your sig.


If it has not turned out as you hoped or you would like to have a signature created for you don't hesitate to Private Message a signature creator (For help) or leave a request in their thread (A list of known ones will be listed at the bottom) and they will try to assist you as well as they can.

Note: If you wish to use Option 1 instead of Option 2 and upload a link just save and upload the file to Photobucket and input the Direct link into the Option one Box and repeat from step 6.