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January 1st, 2013, 09:39 PM
Most Mysterious
gigablue (4)
deadpie (2)

VT veteran you most admire
Scarface (7)
imcoolbeans (5)

best username
derbear (3)
chickencasserole imcoolbeans (2)

male hottie
Millenium(4) imcoolbeans (4)
lindsay lohan (2)

female hottie
Siobhan (3)
triceratops love hate tayrn (2)

vt oddball
No one won, lots of ties

Member most likely to end up in jail
professional russian (8)
deadpie (4)

member who is always online
aotearoa (4)
gandalf jess (3)

Best newbie
Noitier (4)
morta coil (3)

best staff member
imcoolbeans (12)
stoppingtime (5)

Best debater:
tigerboy (5)
kenoloor, fisk, professional russian (3)

influential poster:
imcoolbeans (2)

most like to meet:
thepretender (3)

member of the year:
imcoolbeans (4)

most inspirational member:
scarface (2)
lots tied for second

Member you most admire
Too many ties

funniest member:
Kenoloor (2)
lots tied for second

best artist/writer:
amaryllis, iris, deadpie (2)

best diary:
circle seven, machines are taking over (2)

most missed member:
donkey (4)
lots tied for second

most likely to become president:
noirtier (7)
jess (2)

Thanks to all members who voted. For those who did not win, please do not be offended as there were lot's of ties and not everyone can win. It's just a fun game that we all like to involve the community in once a year. It would also be noted that shanecoleman was disqualified unfortunately due to him sending mass PM's encouraging people to vote for him which was clearly stated was not allowed. We were unable to count the categories "Member With The Best Smile" and "Best Advice Giver", so they were left out. Thanks again everyone for your votes and Happy New Year!