View Full Version : stoppped taking my meds

Abyssal Echo
September 21st, 2012, 09:34 PM
driving Mom crazy or is it moms driving me crazy ???

to start with I was doing Ok untill like 2 months ago went to Mc Donalds got some OJ and a couple of egg Mc muffins got real sick so figured I got bad food never really got any better then stepped on an old skid in our cellar u guessed it I found prob the only nail left that could do any harm lol ! I got real sick to my stomach was weak and slept alot finally went to see a Dr he gives me a Tetnus shot tells me my foot looks fine I'm like I still feel like shit hes like I dunno so I just started stopping one med at a time all those suppliments moms been cramming down my throught hoping for some relief for my stomach and maybe just maybe feel like the old me in the process no luck. my stomach is still buggin me no mater what I eat or drink. even have stopped helpping people at several friends advice feel some what better but not where I was before the bad food. now moms like I Have serious anger issues wants me to get more blood tests for what ??? I kinda like being off all the meds but dont think real clearly and yeah dont take shit from no one I go off real fast if ya get in my space or say something to me I dont like. sorry for being so long. gotta see my Psyc next month already know its not going to be a fun visit. any thoughts ideas ??? whats up with me ???