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August 13th, 2007, 05:53 PM
It was recently decided that usernames should now be censored for vulgar and inappropriate words. A short list of illegal words follows:

staff positions (admin, manager, moderator)
common swears (asshole, bastard, bitch, damn, fuck, shit, etc.)
racial/creed slurs (nigger, honky, kike, etc.)
sexual terms (penis, dick, cum, vagina, sex, pubes, horny, boner, oral, anal, porn)
other terms (goatse, hater)There are many variations of the words listed that are also illegal. However, if anyone should think of a term that should not appear in a username, please let me know as soon as possible and I will tack it on to the list.

While on this note, I'd like to say that I have restricted usernames to an organized structure as described below:

Username must have 4 to 20 characters
Username must have first 3 characters as letters from A-Z
Username may be alphanumeric (A-Z, with or without numbers)
Username may have spaces, periods, and underscores
Username may have capital and lowercase lettersIf anyone encounters errors or bugs, please notify me immediately.

Please use this link to submit username requests until I can fix the template up:

Thank you,