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July 24th, 2012, 12:03 PM
so yesterday, my friend(calling him rob watch is not his name) come to me, he told me that he might b a schizo like me ( watch I'm taking med now).
me what r u talking about man ur not schizo
rob:i think i im dude, think about seen a doctor about this man
me> can u tell me then, y do u think ur a shcizo?
rob: well for the past year and a half, i thought i had a power, it was odd
me go on, u can tell me dude, ur my buddy, i might know what ur thinking like dude, i can try to help u man.
rob well i think some time when i was little i use to see this shadow, his use to b on pole and hide bhide stuff.
me> ok
rob: sometime i see this shadow and he is calling my name or my brother name.
me> ok
rob: i hate talking to people i just talk to them so i wont look odd, i think about death, y peope kill them self, i thought to my self, i can so kill my self, the shadow keep tell me to do it
me> go on man, but r u ok, dont want something bad to happen yo.
rob: people from my job called him odd, they say im flat mood when they tell me something. its not like i dont care, i just dont care u know man.
me>ya i do man go on
job: i dont want to do anything with my life man, i dont know what to do with my self that y am thinking about killing myself.
me> i see go on
rob: u think i should see a doctor man i dont know what to do?
me> let me think about it for 2 day then i will tell u man.

a day pass and i didnt know what too say

July 24th, 2012, 11:37 PM
I definitely think that you should encourage your friend to see a doctor. I think it would help him and allow him to sort through his confusion a little easier. Also, a doctor could diagnose him and get him the help that he likely needs. However, this is even more important since it sounds like he is considering suicide, which is definitely a reason all on its own to talk to someone. So i definitely would encourage him to seek help and see a doctor, I think he could benefit from it a lot, whether he is schizo or not.

August 28th, 2012, 10:35 PM
Advise him to see a doctor if he is still concerned. He does seem to have a lot of symptoms of schizophrenia.