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May 28th, 2012, 10:04 PM
am 19, 5'6 and my wight is 111..
so i think i have schizophrenia but am not sure because i smoke stuff now but i think its making it worst, never did too a few moths ago like 2 or 3 but
before i smoke stuff i use never eat, i was never hunger or had never had an appetite, i eat 2 apple and a banana a day and drink water, the most i sleep for a day was 2 or 4 hours if i was lucky, hearing stuff like car and people crying but i read lip to fix that and i talk to myself for hours and i do really odd thing like called my boss a pig to her face and i act gay around her but she know am not,i think i have anxious and am scared that people are judging me. but now that i had smoke weed i think it make it worst because when i sleep now its hard for me too tell if am dreaming or not its odd, the other day i was at the brother house and i was sleeping in his bed, thinking he walk in told me "to get the f out his bed and called me a nigg-bean " then i fall back to sleep, i wake up call him because i look around his house to see were he was, he pick up and tell me he still at work and then he as what i need to talk him about, feel odd at the time. dont want to talk my doctor bcuz i dont label crazy

so am thinking about seeing a psychologist soon (like in 2 weeks) but am really scary, not going to lie.

well, i talk to an Therapy today, told me to stop smoking and to see him in 3 moth and if it get worst, then see him right away. then if am still like this then he going to do something but as of right now he going talk to my family and friend and see what they say.... i was really scary there but i know it for the better
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today 619 taking med right now. taking 3, 1 for seeing things, 1 to go to sleep other stop me for getting sick or somethinglike that

Harley Quinn
May 31st, 2012, 11:48 AM
I think it would be helpful if you did see one, only they can really tell you what's wrong with you. It's normal to be scared, I'd be worried if you weren't. Either way, good luck! It's for the best.