View Full Version : ADD Meds -> Depression

August 18th, 2011, 12:33 AM
During seventh grade, my parents decided to choose a new stimulant medication (without my say so, I have no control over what I take or if I take anything for my ADD).

At first, it worked great, but then I started skipping lunch because I felt I couldn't stop my homework to even eat. I was so driven, I wanted to be perfect and to make my mom proud. At the end of the week, I would just lose it. On Friday I would have a major meltdown, and my mom would start telling me to shut up and do my work. Sometimes, I thought about cutting. But during the weekends, when I was off the medication, I felt almost the same again. Like my life was good again. Then it would start all over again on Monday.

Medication, last year, basically ruined my life.

My mom doesn't understand how much pain I went though last year. She says to just get over it. But how can I forget those sleepless nights, those endless, intense fights over schoolwork, how I grew apart from my friends?

Why did my medication make me feel this way? What is the scientific reason for it, and how do I get my parents to understand?